Russian ‘steel leopard’ BTR-82A was ‘captured alive’ by Ukraine

BTR-82A was launched by Russia into the Ukrainian battlefield from the first days of the conflict. Despite many victories, a large number of these armored vehicles were “captured alive” and reused by the Ukrainian army.

The mobility of the “steel leopard” BTR-82A is very respectable, so the vehicle was chosen by the Russian military as one of the main vehicles in the special military operation taking place in Ukraine. Despite many victories, a large number of BTR-82A armored vehicles fell into the hands of the Ukrainian army.

With the ones still capable of fighting, or lightly damaged, they were immediately reused by the Ukrainian army and launched into the war against Russia. The Ukrainian side said that at least they had captured about 40 Russian BTR-82A aircraft and reused them, but Moscow did not respond to this information.

The Ukrainian side said that at least they had captured about 40 Russian BTR-82A aircraft and reused, but Moscow did not respond to this information.

The BTR-82A is a high-class armored personnel carrier developed from the BTR-80A. The Russian military began to put the BTR-82A into service in 2013. In 2016 Russia began to order large quantities of this armor.

In terms of structure, the BTR-82A consists of two main parts, the control cabin and the landing compartment arranged at the rear. However, the body of the vehicle is designed to be seamless and closed.

Particularly, the frontal steel shell of the vehicle is resistant to 12.7 mm bullets.

The driving and commanding positions are arranged on the left side. The interior is equipped with TNP-B periscope observation devices and TKN-3 command observation devices. Behind the position of the driver and commander is the position of the machine gunner on the tower.

The main fire system of the BTR-82A is a 30 mm cannon and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun.

These weapons are mounted on a tower with a 360-degree rotation and a range of -4 degrees to 60 degrees. To be able to see the target clearly at night, BTR-802A is equipped with OU-3GA2M headlights. There is also a mixed day and night viewfinder and a new type of surveillance camera.

There is also a 3D6 grenade launcher on the turret. The BTR-82A is a super low pressure tubeless wheeled armored vehicle with a central pressurization system.

BTR-82A is equipped with a new engine to help the vehicle maneuver better on the battlefield. It can be said that this is one of the most modern armored personnel carriers of the Russian armed forces today. Compared to its predecessor, the BTR-82A has 2 times higher tactical features.

Currently, Russia is equipped with more than 500 BTR-82A aircraft, in addition, they are also supplied in small quantities to allies Syria and Belarus.

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