Over 100 foreign mercenaries died as a result of Russia’s heavy shelling of Kharkov.

In order to degrade Ukrainian forces and stop Kiev from utilising Kharkov as a launchpad for a counterattack in other areas, Russia is stepping up its shelling of Kharkov.

The Russian Air Force’s aircraft precisely hit “the positions of Kraken forces and mercenary units,” according to Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, during a press conference on August 20. “foreign,” close to the Andreyevka settlement in the Kharkov region. Veteran members of the Azov Battalion (Ukraine) formed the volunteer group Kraken in February of this year.

Konashenkov reported that “more than 100 mercenaries were killed, including 20 American mercenaries.”

He continued by saying that more targets in Donbass, in eastern Ukraine, were also struck by Russian forces, who reportedly destroyed seven military command centres and captured six drones.

Ukraine has not yet responded to the damage reports that Russia has made public, but it has claimed that recently, the Russian military has frequently shelled Kharkov’s cities and villages.

Russian rocket fire on the city of Kharkov early on August 18 resulted in at least seven fatalities and 20 injuries, according to Ukrainian officials.

Russia has escalated its artillery shelling of Kharkov in the north despite concentrating on the frontlines in eastern and southern Ukraine to stop Kiev from using it as a base for counterattacks in other regions.

On August 19, military cognizance cited a British Ministry of Defense intelligence report stating that since Russia began a military campaign in the neighbouring country, the Kharkov region in northern Ukraine, which is around 15 kilometres from the Russian front line, has been continuously shelled. This is partially due to Kharkov’s proximity to the majority of Russian artillery weapons.

Russian raids on Kharkov are increasing, according to assessments by the British Ministry of Defense, to deplete Ukrainian forces. Moscow also wants to stop Ukraine from utilising Kharkov as a launchpad for counterattacks in other areas, like the southern Kherson region.

“The second largest city in Ukraine, Kharkov, has been one of the locations that has experienced the most constant shelling since the start of hostilities, despite the fact that the front lines in the area haven’t moved much since May. Russia only controls a small portion of the Kharkov province, but it still conducts local and reconnaissance attacks against Ukrainian soldiers. other counterattack, “a report from the British Ministry of Defense stated.

A counteroffensive was launched by Ukraine, particularly in the Kherson region. The Russian logistics network, including ammunition and fuel stores tucked away far from the front lines, has recently come under relentless attack by the Ukrainian army, which has also destroyed key bridges. Mykhailo Podolyak, a presidential adviser for Ukraine, made a hint about additional “mystery” attacks on Russian military supply bases there with the intention of cutting off the enemy’s supply routes.

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