The US built an upgraded version ‘robotic HIMARS’ after the success of MLRS HIMARS on the Ukraine battlefield

Based on the impressive results in Ukraine, the US will launch an automated version of “HIMARS” to improve the effectiveness of this weapons complex.

The system “robotized HIMARS” introduced, will be able to operate without a crew, in addition, it is equipped with up to 12 missiles instead of only 6 as per today’s version of Himars.

The development of an automatic launcher AML (Autonomous Multi-Domain Launcher) is a modification of the HIMARS complex, carried out by the Center for Advanced Technology Research and Development of the US Army.

The company announced that it is developing both hardware and software that will allow this highly mobile artillery missile system to have the option of operating in two modes, both via remote control and fully autonomous.

Unlike unmanned civil vehicles where there is still one person in the cabin, an autonomous combat vehicle must perform complex maneuvers in a dangerous environment in an almost automatic mode.

Engineers developing the AML robot to deal with the problems of traversing unfamiliar rough terrain, avoiding obstacles, and interacting with infantry and other equipment under the threat of enemy fire.

All of these tasks for self-driving AML are not only solved through interaction with the drones that choose the path but also rely on the installation of a large number of sensors. 

Currently, the prototype of the new system looks like the standard M142 HIMARS mounted on an FMTV M1140 off-road truck chassis with an armored cabin and a launcher for six missiles, equipped with additional antennas and sensors.

However, the target AML configuration will be different, the chassis will not have a cockpit and is expected to receive a new, larger launcher with 12 guided missiles, ie the same ammunition base as the M270 MLRS.

Due to the absence of a cockpit, the system will receive not only twice the firepower, but also the ability to launch missiles at a much longer distance. 

For some reason, the press was not aware of the results of the test firing. Maybe things don’t go so smoothly, because if they succeed, Americans will certainly talk about successes.

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