Video of Russian-Ukrainian fighters appearing in the air battle in Donetsk

Video taken from the ground shows Russian and Ukrainian fighter jets firing missiles at each other at close range over the Donetsk region.

A video posted on social media by Matthew Luxmoore, Ukraine-based correspondent for the Wall Street Journal on August 19, shows a Su-27 fighter launching two missiles towards the target during the air battle, leaving trails. Smoke rises over the city of Pokrovsk in the Donetsk Oblast, eastern Ukraine.
Literal air battle over Donbas. What is not seen in the video is the scene of Ukrainian Su-27 fighters dropping bait to deceive the missiles launched by Russian fighter jets. Pokrovsk city residents rushed in. Out on the street to witness the battle,” Luxmoore said.

The outcome of the battle was not revealed, as the two fighters soon disappeared into the sky. Experts say that this is a rare sight of close-air combat in modern warfare, because current fighters often fight at great distances, mainly relying on missiles that can destroy targets. From tens of kilometers.
This is an incredible sight in an area that is used to shelling and almost no aerial combat,” Luxmoore added.

The Russian Defense Ministry and Ukraine’s military have not commented on the information.
Before the outbreak of the conflict, Ukraine operated more than 30 Su-27 heavy fighters, but many were shot down or damaged by Russian fire. The Russian Air Force also deployed a large number of Su-27SM and Su-35S fighters with similar shapes in the military campaign in Ukraine.

About 70% of Pokrovsk residents have evacuated from the city since the outbreak of hostilities. This area also suffered a lot of shelling due to its proximity to the front line between the two sides.

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