Revealing evidence that Ukraine received ATACMS ballistic missiles from the US

ATACMS ballistic missiles were most likely delivered by the US to the Ukrainian Army to carry out the raid on Russia’s Saki airbase on August 9.

Recently, there has been a lot of information about the ATACMS ballistic missile that was secretly supplied to Ukraine by the US, but it was not proved until recently that the first image was available to prove it.

It is suspected that the incident at Russia’s Saki airbase a few days ago was actually an attack carried out by the MGM-140 ATACMS tactical ballistic missile.

The Russian press has published a video showing a self-propelled launcher vehicle of the HIMARS complex moving in the vicinity of the Crimea peninsula, the video above was recorded by a person on the road with a mobile phone from his car.

On August 9, seven serious explosions were recorded on the premises of Russian military bases in the Crimean peninsula, which are ammunition depots along with the main airport of the Russian Forces.

The launch of ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles is considered extremely impressive, as they destroyed many large ammunition depots and paralyzed the Russian military airfield at Saki.

MGM-140 ATACMS is an old tactical ballistic missile, using the technology of the 1990s, it was inertial guidance in the early stages and referenced satellite positioning via GPS network.

This 600 mm diameter assault projectile has a range of 300 km, a maximum speed of Mach 3 (1 km / s), a ceiling of 50 km, and a large radar reflection area. It is very difficult to shoot down for Russian air defense systems.

The Crimean peninsula is a key Russian military base, to protect many important facilities here, Moscow has deployed many anti-aircraft missile divisions, equipped with the most advanced interceptors.

The Russian Defense Ministry confidently asserts that the anti-aircraft fire net protecting the skies of Crimea is so strong that even a fly can’t get through, which means that all enemy fighters and missiles will be immediately destroyed. It will be destroyed if approach the peninsula.

But if it is true that the ATACMS missile hit the Saki base, then it is clear that the ability of Russian weapons between advertising and effective use in the field.

In fact, this is not a surprise, because the Russian forces deployed air defense in the Donbas area still completely failed to destroy the GMLRS missiles that the M142 HIMARS complex launched.

When it is not possible to stop a projectile flying at 300 m/s like the GMLRS, it is clearly too difficult for Russia’s “unique” and “unmatched” air defense complexes to destroy ATACMS missiles. 3 times faster speed.

If the case is confirmed that the Russian air defense system failed to intercept ATACMS missiles, then the reputation of the S-400 and many other Russian air defense missile systems will be severely damaged and it will be difficult for them to find export contracts in the future.

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