FGM-148 Javelin – Tank ‘Terminator’

The US Javelin anti-tank missile complex, known as “the destroyer,” is regarded as one of the most effective anti-tank weapons in the world and is capable of piercing the armour of numerous tanks.

Early in the 1990s, the US Army and Marine Corps developed Javelin (also known as FGM-148). In 1994, the complex underwent satisfactory testing, and in 1996, it was put into use. Javelin boasts an innovative target locking mechanism in addition to being portable. Instead of having to stand still to guide like previous generations of missiles, users merely need to aim, lock the target, and shoot to move the tactical position instantaneously.

Each Javelin complex has a body diameter of 127 mm, a launch tube length of 1.2 metres, a rocket length of 1.1 metres, and a weight of 11.8 kilogrammes. Its effective range is 2,500 metres, and the maximum range varies depending on the version. The FGM-148’s overall weight of 22.5 kg makes it manageable for a regular soldier to employ alone to carry out anti-tank missions.

It only takes 30 seconds to install and get ready to launch this complex of shoulder-fired missiles, and another 20 seconds to load a new missile.

Javelin has an infrared guidance system that may be utilised day or night, in any weather, to aid in accurate shooting and assure the safety of the gunner. Javelin is made up of two major parts: a firing control unit and a storage tube for rocket ammunition. On contemporary tanks, you can find a Javelin missile warhead that is an ERA type 2 explosive reactive armour breaker. The warhead of the missile detonates as it strikes the ERA, shredding the outer armour and revealing the inner, primary armour. The target’s primary armour is breached by the second, larger, and more potent warhead, which detonates immediately after.

There is no tank that can resist the impact of Javelin missiles due to their excellent penetrating power.

All of the tank designers’ calculations were upended when the Javelin man-portable anti-tank missile system appeared.

With a cost of 216,000 USD for each combination, Javelin has emerged as the product of choice for many nations worldwide.

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