Ukraine becomes a ‘Black Hole’ that swallows Western weapons

Western experts opinion they believe that military aid money will flow into the pockets of US military contractors, Ukraine is a “black hole” that swallows all types of weapons provided by the West.

On August 21, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba once again called for the West to urgently provide heavy weapons to Kiev, after Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree to simplify the naturalization procedure. for Ukrainians and residents of Donbas.

The corresponding statement published on the website of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry shows Mr Kuleba “strongly condemning” the new Russian law and saying that his compatriots do not need Russian citizenship.

Ukraine’s foreign minister called on Western partners to take a tougher response to Moscow, introduce new economic sanctions against Russia, and urgently supply Kiev with heavier weapons.

In that context, the American newspaper Politico, citing an unnamed source, announced that Washington wants to send XM982 155mm Excalibur guided artillery shells to Kiev and this ammunition will be provided in a different package, not in the new military aid package. announced a few days ago.

The Excalibur 155 mm guided artillery shell (by GPS or laser) can accurately hit enemy vehicles in the woods, trenches, and alleys at a distance of 40-57 km, with an almost excellent accuracy rate. opposite to. Excalibur can be fired from the M777 howitzer that the US has supplied to Ukraine.

On August 19, the Pentagon also announced the allocation of new military aid of $ 775 million to Ukraine, including ammunition for the M142 HIMARS High Mobility Rocket System. This is also another precision strike weapon Washington has supplied to Kiev.

However, it seems that the US is alone in front of supplying weapons to Ukraine. The British newspaper Telegraph on August 20 wrote that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has entered an important stage, but Western countries no longer take the initiative to supply Kiev with weapons and money.

Telegraph quoted a source from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, July was the first month since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, with no new inventions, no significant promises of assistance made. international for Ukraine from the largest economies in Europe.

According to the Telegraph’s comment, the energy crisis in Europe, causing inflation and increasing the cost of living, will greatly affect people’s social life, causing the attention of Western governments. for Ukraine will decline.

Another reference data is that public opinion in the US is also starting to be discontent about the US pouring tens of billions of dollars into the Russia-Ukraine conflict. For example, readers of the US Newsweek newspaper have reacted extremely strongly to data released by the Ukraine Support Tracker (UST) monitoring system about the West’s supply of weapons to Ukraine.

According to UST, the US committed to providing military aid of 25.2 billion USD to Ukraine; in contrast to the cold response of European countries. In July, promises of military aid from Europe to Kiev were “completely empty”, because by August no major EU country had “made significant commitments”. there”.

User HH Victor said that Ukraine has been and is a “black hole” wasting billions of billions of dollars. In fact, it is a black hole whose crater is the boundary of events that “cannot be returned”, and everything – money, weapons, or people, “disappears at the bottom of the hole.

Another view of Roger Vincent is that it must be extremely naive to believe that all that money will be transferred to Ukraine as the US government claims. That money will be provided to the US military-industrial complex to produce new weapons and many other things for the US military.

These views are partly correct because in fact, the US military aid is converted into weapons made by US corporations that are extremely expensive, such as Excalibur which is expensive. up to $ 100,000 more expensive than Tamir anti-aircraft missile rounds of the Israeli “Iron Dome” system.

If the US provides Ukraine with several thousand Excalibur bullets, after using it all, every additional 1,000 Ukrainians purchased will have to pay US$100 million to Raytheon Corporation, so it is unclear whether the provision of these ammunitions is a “privilege”. or “burden” on Ukraine’s rickety economy.

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