HIMARS and ATACMS missiles fired by Ukraine be “extinguished” by the Russian S-350 air defence system?

The aforementioned situation is highly intriguing, as Russia’s S-350 Air Defense System is anticipated to soon face off against HIMARS and ATACMS Missiles on the Ukrainian Battlefield.

According to reports, Russia began working on the S-350 air defence system in 2007, intending to replace the outdated Buk and S-300PS air defence systems. However, this missile complex has only recently engaged in battle in 2020. It was announced in 2021 that the Russian Army would transfer all operational S-350 complexes to the Crimean Peninsula under Russian authority.

The S-350 defence system’s launcher can accommodate up to 12 9M96E anti-aircraft missiles. This system has the ability to launch 8 missiles swiftly and simultaneously while tracking up to 72 air targets to eliminate aerial threats.

The sophisticated S-350 radar can direct missiles up to a range of 120 kilometres and an altitude of 30 kilometres.

Russian military experts claim that the S-350 defence system’s range and power are far greater and more potent than those of the S-300 and Buk Systems.

Air strikes can take many different forms, including tactical ballistic missiles, bombers, fighters, and planes. The S-350 performs best against targets at high altitudes.

At a height of 30 kilometres, the S-350 can also destroy targets that are flying low. On a wheeled off-road truck, a missile system launcher is attached.

The S-350 defensive system’s batteries are made to engage 72 targets at once. as opposed to the S-300, which can only engage 24 targets. The S-350 now boasts a three-fold boost in efficacy.

The S-350 is predicted to successfully destroy missiles launched from HIMARS and other comparable rocket artillery systems thanks to the features listed above, which the Buk, S-400, and other Russian defence systems are unable to perform.

According to remarks made by the Ukrainian side, however, Russians do not believe in the S-350 defensive system’s capabilities, which is why they have deployed it to guard their rear facilities rather than the front lines.

Overall, the S-350 Air Defense System’s above-mentioned features and capabilities are still only on paper and need to be verified on the battlefield. It should be recalled that while Russia continues to market the S-400, Buk-M3, and other systems as creating an impenetrable shield, the reality on the battlefield is very different.

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