Massive explosions in Kiev, Ukraine urges people to evacuate immediately

A number of significant explosions were heard in the Kiev region early this morning amid worries that Russia may be preparing to intensify its current onslaught on the nation.

(File photo)

The Vyshgorod neighbourhood, located north of Kiev’s capital, experienced numerous significant explosions about three in the morning this morning, according to a warning from the Ukrainian military posted on its Telegram account.

Oleksiy Kuleba, the regional governor of Kiev, added: “In one of the Vyshgorod district’s residential districts, there have been a number of explosions that we are aware of. We are confirming the data. putting into practise “. In order to protect their safety, he recommended them to seek refuge right away.

Around 3 a.m. this morning, the Kiev region was filled with the sound of sirens, according to the Ukrainian rescue service.

The explosions’ nature remained unclear, but Ukrainian officials had previously issued a warning that Russia might be preparing to launch a new attack on Independence Day, which commemorates the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s breakaway from the Soviet Union. Ukraine postponed the entire anniversary celebration in order to ensure safety. Kiev encouraged the majority of government employees to work from home this week, according to Ukrainian news outlet Pravda.

On response to recent “sabotage” assaults on military targets in the Crimean peninsula, a Crimean politician stated on August 17 that Russia should attack the Ukrainian government’s headquarters in Kiev.

In March 2014, Russia annexed Crimea. Russia made it clear that the Crimea problem was “non-negotiable” during the peace negotiations with Ukraine. Despite this caution, Ukrainian authorities assert that the conflict won’t end until they retake Crimea.

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