Turkey ‘broke the law’ to provide extremely dangerous long-range rocket artillery to Ukraine

Russian media believe that dozens of TRLG-230 Tiger long-range rocket launchers may have been secretly supplied to Ukraine by Turkey. Currently, neither Ankara nor Kiev have commented on the information.

Russia’s Avia page said that Turkey will hand over dozens of extremely dangerous rocket artillery systems TRG-230 from Turkey in the near future. Currently, neither Kyiv nor Ankara have officially commented on the information.

Russian media said that it is likely that Turkey will “evade the law” like the recent supply of 200 armored vehicles to Ukraine.

If Turkey transfers this extremely dangerous rocket artillery complex, the combat capacity of the Ukrainian army will increase in strength.

However, Russian media also warned that, if Turkey delivered this rocket system, relations between Ankara and Moscow would be strained.

TRLG-230 Tiger is a precision rocket artillery system researched and developed by Turkey, currently, this type of artillery is still in the completion stage before mass production. The TRG-300 Tiger provides precise and effective firepower on high-priority targets within a range of 20 – 120 km. The priority targets of the TRG-300 Tiger are usually artillery systems and air defense battlefields, radar warning systems. Each TRG-230 Tiger system can carry up to 6 missiles with a diameter of 300mm.

The weight of each missile is from 585 kg to 670 kg depending on the version. The combat range is up to 120km. The TRG-230 jet gun is equipped with an extremely accurate guidance system, the target error is very small.

With a 105-190kg warhead block depending on the version, the TRG-230 can easily blow up heavy tanks. In addition to warheads containing extremely powerful explosives, TRG-230 can also be equipped with fragmentation warheads with tens of thousands of steel balls to destroy a large area with a diameter of 160m.

TRG-230 combined with guidance from reconnaissance UAVs will give good combat performance with the ability to destroy almost absolute targets.

Previously, Turkey had produced small quantities of TRG-230 precision rocket artillery and was secretly conducting tests on the Syrian battlefield and the Nagorno-Karabakh battlefield.

Currently, Turkey has begun to conduct large-scale production for domestic and export.

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