Watch Video – Russia released a video of how they destroyed Ukraine’s most powerful domestic ‘tank killer’ Stugna-P

The Ukrainian-developed “tank killer” Stugna-P is emerging as one of the most effective anti-tank missile systems in real combat, which is also a weapon being hunted by Russia on the battlefield

Although less mentioned than Javelin or NLAW anti-tank missiles, the fact that the “tank killer” Stugna-P developed by Ukraine has caused Russia many losses on the battlefield.

Therefore, the organization of destroying this type of weapon is of special interest to the Russian side and the separatist forces. Image of Russian UAV dropping bullets at the location of the “tank killer” Stugna-P Ukraine complex.

Both Russia and Ukraine use drones, which carry small-diameter projectiles, to strike enemy targets. With this tactic, even if the Stugna-P anti-tank complexes were hiding under the fortifications, they still could not avoid being ambushed and destroyed by the enemy.

Combined with Javelin and NLAW, Ukraine’s Stugna-P anti-tank missile has and continues to show good performance against Russian forces and pro-Moscow separatists.

This type of domestic “tank killer” of Ukraine not only fires tanks and armored vehicles but also shoots down Russian Ka-52 helicopters. The Stugna-P missile is an anti-tank weapon manufactured by the Ukrainian defense industry.

This anti-tank missile system uses laser guidance, capable of penetrating the thick armor of enemy tanks and armor. The Stugna-P (also known as the Skif in the export version), is manufactured by the Kiev-based Luch Design Bureau.

The guidance device of the Stugna-P complex is a laptop combined with a control panel, including a small lever, and a display screen to observe when guiding the missile to the target. In addition, the Stugna-P anti-tank missile also has a small diameter version of only 100 mm, which can be launched from the main gun of the T-55AMV tank or the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle.

The manufacturer announced the parameters of the RK-2M-K missile capable of penetrating 1,100 mm of steel behind explosive reactive armor (ERA), this figure of the RK-2S is 800 mm.

With respectable tactical characteristics and relatively low cost, the Ukrainian Stugna-P anti-tank missile is an extremely effective weapon.

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