Having stationed almost 700 combat aircraft close to the Ukrainian border, is Russia now starting a new offensive?

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, more than 760 different types of warplanes from the Russian military have been stationed near to Ukraine’s border.

“More than 400 fighters and other combat aircraft have been stationed by the Russian military not far from the Ukrainian border. Additionally, there are roughly 360 Russian helicopters stationed throughout Ukraine, with more than 150 of them being attack helicopters like the Ka-52 “Yurii Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, said during a press conference on August 25.

Additionally, Ihnat disclosed that Russia is vigorously enforcing its blockade of Ukrainian airspace. From bases on Russian and Belarusian soil, as well as in the Black Sea and Sea of Azov regions, Russian Air Force fighters have continually conducted control patrols. Ukrainian airspace is frequently patrolled by Russian supply and early warning aircraft.

The most advanced air defence systems used by the Russian army have been deployed to the areas controlled by pro-Moscow forces, the Ukrainian Air Force’s spokesman said earlier in a statement on July 26. sway in Ukraine.

“In Ukraine, the adversary is assembling a network of several contemporary air defence complexes. These complexes include the air defence systems Buk, Tors, Pantsirs, S-300, and S-400. All have been delivered to the Russian-controlled territory in Ukraine “said Ihnat.

The Russian military’s determination to seize total control of Ukrainian airspace is demonstrated by these transfers of weaponry and military hardware. Many experts predict that this will be a precondition influencing how the Russia-Ukraine war plays out.

In response, Western partners have given the Ukrainian military many anti-aircraft missile systems, including the MADPADS man-portable missile and the Stinger mobile air defence missile.

These are only short-range missile weapons, though, and their primary objective is to take out enemy helos and drones. As a result, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged the West to give Ukraine more advanced anti-aircraft missile systems.

In response to President Zelensky’s request, the US Department of Defense chose to deliver 6 modern NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems with high reputation as part of a $ 3 billion aid package that was revealed on August 24. greater strength and reach for Ukraine. Additionally, Washington DC will also send more laser-guided missiles to Kiev.

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