Why did Ukraine transfer the German PzH-2000 self-propelled artillery to Poland?

Russian media reported that 11 out of 16 PzH-2000 self-propelled howitzers sent by Germany to Ukraine had problems, some were shipped to Poland by Kiev for repair. 

The Russian site Avia has just posted a clip showing that the PzH-2000 self-propelled howitzer transferred by Germany to Ukraine has been brought to Poland for repair. Recently, there has been a lot of suspicious information about the poor performance of this line of howitzers said to be “king of the battlefield”. Information is currently emerging that up to 11 out of 15 PzH-2000 cannons delivered by Germany to Ukraine have been damaged. Currently, Kiev and Berlin have not commented on the information.

The PzH-2000 self-propelled howitzer has been manufactured since 1996 by the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Group (KMW) together with its subcontractor Rheinmetall Landsysteme and has been officially equipped for the German army since 1998.

PzH-2000 uses a Leopard 2 tank chassis, on which is mounted a rotating turret with a main 155 mm/L52 cannon (barrel length is 52 times the diameter). PzH-2000 carries a base of 60 shells, the maximum range is 30km for normal bullets and 40km with increased range bullets. The firing speed through actual verification reached 3 rounds/8.4 seconds; 12 tablets/59.74 seconds and 20 tablets/1 minutes 47 seconds; The main gun has an elevation angle of -2.5° – +65°.

The unique feature of the PzH-2000 is that the cannon is controlled by the MRSI digital system with the function of hitting the target with multiple shots at the same time. To implement this method, the PzH-2000 will fire 5 rounds at different angles of fire, from high to low, which means that all bullets will reach the target at the same time for a period of 1.5 seconds. from the first explosion. With the above outstanding features, the PzH-2000 cannon is superior to the self-propelled guns currently on the payroll of the armies of countries around the world today.

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