Norwegian special weapons are about to be transferred to the Ukrainian army

The Norwegian Ministry of Defense said that they will support Ukraine with weapons, especially the Black Hornet series of micro-reconnaissance drones for the Ukrainian army, helping the country resist Russia.

Ukrainian military officials have requested this special weapon in the fight against the Russian army. The total value of the equipment is expected to be about $9.1 million.

This aid package includes Black Hornet UAVs, spare parts, shipping costs, and operator training. This support will be from the Ukraine support fund jointly contributed by the UK and Norway.

The Norwegian-developed Black Hornet UAV is in high demand in the global market. This UAV is used in several allied countries, including the US and UK.

Norwegian Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram said that this mini-UAV is used for reconnaissance and targeting in complex terrain.

Currently, high-tech reconnaissance always plays an important role, especially in modern warfare. Reconnaissance UAV technology is increasingly developing with devices being miniaturized while performance remains unchanged.

One of these micro UAVs is the Black Hornet. This type of micro-UAV is fitted with an infrared photo-electronic camera, operates without noise, and has a continuous flight time of 25 minutes.

Black Hornet UAVs have been effective in combat, they can transmit live video and clear images to combat soldiers or test drones operating on the battlefield.

In combat conditions, soldiers can hide in a safe location, and control the Black Hornet UAV to silently perform the task of scouting the enemy situation.

Thanks to the support of the Black Hornet UAV, the combat force firmly grasped the enemy’s situation, thereby taking appropriate countermeasures.

On the battlefield, the Black Hornet UAV becomes a soldier’s eyes as it transmits real-time live EO/IR technology video.

This compact reconnaissance UAV, weighing only 33 grams and 168 mm long, is difficult to see with the naked eye, and conventional reconnaissance vehicles, with extremely low sound. This advantage allows this micro-UAV to operate secretly and is very difficult to be detected.

Carrying out reconnaissance with this micro-UAV helps the military to reduce the loss of life and combat vehicles. The micro-UAV is part of the PRS system, which is actually a digital communication station, to help soldiers better fight in fierce combat environments.

The PRS system usually consists of two micro-reconnaissance UAVs with a control system that can be held in one hand. Although compact, they have all the necessary functions such as planning, execution, and analysis of the enemy’s collected database.

The multimedia database obtained from the micro-reconnaissance UAV is stored in the memory of the combat command’s multimedia communication station. The charging power for these micro-UAVs is taken right from the controller, so it’s very convenient. Once back at base, the controllers are recharged for new missions.

The display on the handheld controller makes it easy to control the UAV. The screen always shows the information obtained in a sharp way regardless of day and night conditions.

This micro-reconnaissance UAV system, when connected or integrated with other digital equipment, displays the collected data in real-time, thereby helping soldiers make quick decisions. fast and accurate.

In today’s battlefields, ultra-small reconnaissance UAV systems have proven effective in combat operations.

The US is currently a leading country in the field of research and development of micro-UAV technology for reconnaissance missions. Besides the US, the countries that have also successfully applied this technology are Israel, France, Germany, Norway, and China.

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