A special reinforcement battalion will soon join the Ukrainian Air Force.

Former Afghan pilots will receive training from the US before being deployed to serve the Ukrainian army.

According to sources close to the US Department of Defense, a battalion of former Afghan pilots would receive training at a base in California before being sent through Poland to help Ukrainian soldiers.

“As far as we are aware, the Pentagon is now looking for former Afghan fighter pilots who left for the US after the Taliban took control last year. The training for these pilots will take place in California before they are sent to Ukraine via Poland.”

Through this strategy, veterans of numerous different Afghan army forces might be recruited and transferred to Ukraine in addition to fighter pilots.

The insider continued, “These soldiers are offered to take part in the training process and will subsequently sign a contract to fight in Ukraine.”

Previously, in June, the US military delivered a large number of Mi-17 multi-role helicopters to Ukraine. The special thing about these helicopters is that they were manufactured in Russia before being ordered by the US to equip the Afghan government.

Before withdrawing from Afghanistan last year, the US ordered several Mi-17 transport helicopters to equip the Kabul government backed by Washington DC. However, the transfer was halted after the Taliban took control of the country.

In April, the first 3 Mi-17 helicopters were delivered by the US to the administration of President Volodymyr Zelensky. Many sources claim that these Mi-17s have undergone a comprehensive upgrade to enable them to conduct ground attack missions with unguided missiles.

On August 24, the US Department of Defense also announced a record military aid package worth $ 3 billion for the Ukrainian military.

In this aid package, Kiev will receive from Washington DC: 6 advanced NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems, 245,000 155mm artillery shells, 65,000 120mm mortar shells, 24 anti-aircraft radars, aircraft systems unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Puma, supporting components for the Scan Eagle UAV, the VAMPIRE anti-UAV complex, laser-guided missiles, and a budget for training and maintenance.

According to the Pentagon, since January 2021, the US has provided Ukraine with weapons support worth up to $13.5 billion, making it Kiev’s largest military donor. Since 2014, Washington DC’s military aid to Kiev has reached $15.5 billion.

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