Russian colonel: The MiG-29 Slovakian fighter delivered to Ukraine will be destroyed in the blink of an eye

The MiG-29 Slovakian fighter commented that it could not survive for too long on the Ukrainian battlefield, is that accurate?

On August 27, According to “PolitExpert” Poland and the Czech Republic signed an agreement under which they will protect Slovakian airspace from September 1, when Bratislava withdraws MiG-29 fighters from the combat component to hand over them. for Ukraine.

Before the above developments, a Russian military observer – retired Colonel Mikhail Khodarenok in an interview with PolitExpert newspaper made some very remarkable remarks.

According to this expert, despite the fact that Slovakia is one step closer to the delivery of MiG-29 fighters to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (in the amount of 11), there is still a very important problem.

Mikhail Khodarenok said that Ukraine has no safe place to store these planes. Therefore, the destruction of Slovakia’s MiG-29 fighter squadron in Ukraine is only a matter of time.

“100% of Ukraine’s operating military airfields were attacked and destroyed in the first days of the special military operation, or they were crippled by air strikes.”

“Most of the runways with the fighters of the Ukrainian Air Force are left in the form of debris and Kyiv has essentially lost its combat force in the air,” the retired colonel said.

The expert calculated that if the delivery goes smoothly, the total number of MiG-29 fighters in the service of the Ukrainian Air Force could reach two dozen.

Khodarenok recalled that, on the eve of the start of the special military operation, Ukraine had about 40 MiG-29s, but the Russian Air Defense and Aerospace Forces performed their duties properly, making Kyiv heavy damage.

“This happens because the Ukrainian armed forces almost always keep the vehicles in an open area, they don’t place them in shelters,” Colonel Khodarenok explained.

“There is no airport in Ukraine with a solid bunker, the country’s military is currently actively rebuilding backup runways: those are Martynovka (Voznesensk) airports in the Nikolaev, Buyalyk, and Chervonoglinskoye (Artsyz) regions. in the Odessa region”.

The Russian military expert also mentioned the fact that due to their location, these airfields are not only within the range of Kalibr cruise missiles but also of any missiles deployed in Crimea and other areas. other places.

Faced with this problem, moving aircraft to frontline facilities, such as Kulbakino airport – which could soon be occupied by the Russian Army with Nikolaev is a dangerous action for the Ukrainian armed forces.

Khodarenok added that the first versions of the MiG-29 in Ukraine were not equipped with modern avionics and radar. Therefore, Ukrainian fighters are forced to operate on their territory and in the depth of defensive tactics – no more than 100 km.

“There is no choice but to put old fighters with mediocre capabilities within range of Russian air defenses and cruise missiles, which means destroying the MiG-29 fighters. of Slovakia (possibly along with the airport) is only a matter of time”.

However, let’s not forget that Russia has repeatedly claimed to have successfully “obliterated” the Ukrainian Air Force, but Kyiv’s fighters are still operating in the sky, so there is no guarantee of the colonel’s statement. Retirement will become a reality.

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