Why did the BM-27 ‘storm’ usurp the BM-30 ‘fire tornado’ on the Ukrainian battlefield?

With about 500 BM-27 “storm” rocket launchers in service, Russia can easily launch large numbers into the Ukrainian battlefield, which is especially important when the war has entered the 7th month.

Today, rocket artillery remains the most feared weapon used by both sides in the conflict in Ukraine. The types of rocket launchers launched by both sides included the BM-21, BM-27, and BM-30.

These rocket launchers were all developed by the Soviet Union. After their dissolution, they were divided among the members, with Russia and Ukraine accounting for a large number of beneficiaries.

Although the BM-30 is the most powerful rocket artillery line, it is a weapon line that was developed at the end of the Soviet period, so the number of shipments is not much.

Currently, Russia has only about 100 BM-30 complexes, but a few years ago Russia also transferred some of these complexes to Syria.

Right at the beginning of the military campaign, the BM-30 was also launched by Russia into Ukraine, but when the war lasted, the ammunition supply began to run out, and Russia tended to use the rockets that are available. large ammunition bow, that is the BM-27.

Currently, the BM-27 is a long-range rocket launcher used by Russia in very large numbers to create an advantage over the Ukrainian army.

Russia has repeatedly said that its BM-27 rocket artillery has destroyed many enemy targets, while the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has not commented on this information.

With huge destructive power on a large scale, rocket launchers have long been classified by military experts as destructive weapons after nuclear bombs.

The BM-27 Uragan is the starting weapon for the Soviet Union’s high-tech jet artillery with great destructive power, which once made the West “lose sleep”.

BM-27 Uragan is a self-propelled rocket artillery system designed and put into service with Soviet Red Army artillery in 1975.

The maximum range of rockets equipped on the BM-27 system is up to 40km. This is the first rocket system equipped with jet projectiles with stabilized wings in the tail. The BM-27 Uragan multiple rocket launcher system is designed to be mounted on the base frame of the Zil-135 8×8 wheel heavy transport vehicle.

Each launcher is equipped with 16 cannons of 220mm caliber. The cannon can launch all ammunition within 20 seconds and cover an area of ​​​​about 4 hectares. The BM-27 is equipped with a 9T452 loader cum transport vehicle also located on a Zil-135 chassis.

This vehicle is equipped with a small crane that helps to load 220mm rounds into the combat vehicle launcher. The cabin of the Zil-135 is fitted with an NBC biochemical defense system. The car can run at a speed of 65km/h, with a range of 500km.

The BM-27 Uranga rocket requires a 6-man combat crew. The combat crew is equipped with a PG-1 panoramic viewfinder and night reconnaissance equipment for aiming. BM-27 is equipped with many types of rockets, including fragmentation ammunition; chemical bullets; minelaying bullets.

All of them weigh about 280.4kg, the warhead weighs 90-100kg. Thanks to its very large warhead size and long range, the BM-27 is considered very effective for laying mines. Each 220mm round can hold 312 PFM-1 anti-infantry mines. BM-27 Uranga is currently in the military service of about 16 countries around the world, including Russia and Ukraine.

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