The first video appeared of the HIMARS Ukrainian artillery being damaged by Russian fire

Russia’s Avia site has for the first time published a short clip about the Ukrainian HIMARS rocket artillery complex being slightly damaged by Russian fire.

HIMARS rocket artillery is currently the most feared weapon of the Ukrainian army when they cause a lot of damage, slowing the advance of Russian units.

Russia’s ammunition depots, command posts, and road bridges have been repeatedly “visited” by HIMARS missile bullets, so the destruction of this weapon is Moscow’s top priority.

The first trustworthy footage depicting the American Himars MLRS in jeopardy has been made public.

The American Himars MLRS sustained significant damage as a result of the counter-battery battle. The launcher’s cockpit is evidently struck by fired ammunition fragments in video footage released by the Ukrainian military, which serves as proof of this.

You can observe the effects of the strike on the Himars MLRS in the provided video footage, which indicate that the system is likely disabled. The radiator damage and inability to operate the driver’s window, at the very least, prevent the unit from switching positions on its own.

The Himars MLRS sustained no significant injuries at the same time. This does not exclude the potential that the launcher might be repaired in a matter of days. But the fact that the Himars MLRS locations were successfully located suggests that Russian counter-battery systems are still capable of neutralising these weapons.

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