BMPT Terminator Surviving Javelin Missile Attack?

According to Russian media, the Javelin missile provided by the US to Ukraine cannot destroy the country’s BMPT Terminator on the battlefield.

“The Russian Terminator tank-supported combat vehicle (BMPT) has demonstrated its ability to resist missiles from the US Javelin complex.”

“Military experience shows that the BMPT Terminator, thanks to its enhanced protection, can withstand the attack of Javelin missiles, as well as other anti-tank systems and grenade launchers manufactured by NATO.”

“After being hit by the enemy’s anti-tank weapons, the vehicle only needs minor repairs to fully restore its combat capabilities,” the RIA Novosti news agency said.

However, the attacks on the BMPT Destroyer took place under unknown circumstances, which raises many doubts about the authenticity, especially when the armor of this tank is not outstanding. compared to the tanks used on the battlefield.

According to the statistics of Defense Express, in the battles in Eastern Ukraine, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation used a total of 10 combat vehicles to support the BMPT Terminator tank.

But for some reason, the experience of the Russian Army using the “Terminator” turned out to be unsuccessful, and the war showed the stalemate of the BMPT Terminator concept.

Mr. Mykola Salamakha – a military expert and reserve lieutenant colonel of the Ukrainian armed forces in a conversation with Defense Express newspaper made some notable remarks.

Expert Salahama explained, that in 10-15 years of theoretical discussion, the Russian Army has not been able to create a unified concept of using combat vehicles to support BMPT Terminator tanks in actual combat conditions.

The Russian Army’s combat curriculum has no provisions on how to use these “Terminators”. Therefore, it is natural that of the 10 BMPTs that participated in the war, at least 1 vehicle was destroyed, and some others were damaged and were brought to Russia for repair.

In addition, as the Ukrainian expert said, the Russians have “overdone” in making the combat module for their BMPT Terminator.

For example, a gunner would have to simultaneously control the firing of two automatic cannons. At the same time, only one type of ammunition can be used during firing, which is armor-piercing bullets or fragmentation shells.

Thus, in some respects, the BMPT Terminator is inferior to the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle, when with only a 30 mm automatic cannon, it can use both armor-piercing and shrapnel shells.

The Ukrainian military expert concluded: “In modern warfare, there is no place for vehicles based on the Russian-made BMPT Terminator concept.”

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