Ukraine duped scores of Russian Kalibr with fake HIMARS?

In order to persuade Russia to fire costly long-range cruise missiles on priceless targets, the Ukrainian military employs diverting strategies by using camouflage patterns that resemble cutting-edge American weaponry.

Russian soldiers were “baited” into firing long-range cruise missiles by Ukraine using wooden HIMARS cannons.

As a result, after utilising “bait” for a few weeks, Ukraine has made at least 10 Russian Kalibr cruise missiles useless.

Russian soldiers have not yet reacted to the aforementioned information.

The Novator design bureau in Russia created the Kalibr missile, a multipurpose cruise missile system. This complex is built to deploy a variety of warheads, enabling it to destroy a wide range of targets, including surface ships, submarines, and stationary ground targets.

The Russian navy’s primary weapon today is a 6.2-meter-long missile with a 1,500–3,000 km range. A nuclear warhead or a 450 kg warhead can be carried, and it can be launched from a vessel or a submarine.

Kalibr is not a single missile; rather, it is a collection of numerous missile types, each with a unique function, of which the 3M14 Kalibr is a cruise missile. The ground-attack version 3M14 missile used in the conflict in Ukraine has a range of 2,500 km and a warhead that weighs more than 400 kg. If launched from the Black Sea, this missile can hit any target in Ukraine.

In order to capture targets with high radar reflectivity, Kalibr is outfitted with a radar detector ARGS-14E with a range of 20 km, a GLONASS satellite navigation system, and inertial navigation. The missile stays close to the ground to reduce detection thanks to an altimeter and topography matching technology.

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