Will Ukraine soon receive Swedish weapons to attack Kherson?

Swedish weapons with superior tactical features can help Ukraine hold a great advantage when conducting a general offensive against Kherson.

Swedish weapons are likely to soon be on the Ukrainian battlefield, serving the Kherson offensive after the recent efforts of Kyiv government officials.

On August 29, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba was present in Stockholm, where he held talks with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and Foreign Minister Ann Linde.

After the aforementioned negotiations, the head of the Swedish government announced that Stockholm was allocating a new military aid package worth $90 million to Ukraine.

In addition, Foreign Minister Kuleba said in a press conference that Ukraine is asking Sweden to hand over Archer’s self-propelled artillery and RBS 70 short-range air defense missile system to the armed forces of this country.

Two important conclusions can be drawn from the above event. The first is that the rumor that the Ukrainian Armed Forces received Archer’s self-propelled guns from Sweden is not true.

Second, it seems that Ukraine and Sweden are getting closer to a political decision, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive Archer self-propelled howitzers and other Swedish-made weapons.

But it seems that Sweden is determined to deliver the aforementioned weapons systems not within the framework of free aid packages, but as part of a commercial contract. This means that there exists a certain delay, which is necessary for weapon crafting. According to the assessment, Ukraine can hardly be satisfied with such a choice, because Kyiv needs weapons immediately to serve the fierce military requirements in the South.

Ukraine will most likely ask Sweden to provide itself with Archer self-propelled artillery systems and RBS 70 anti-aircraft missiles available in service and they will pay in the future, most likely taken from the property of Ukraine. Russia is under blockade.

In addition, it is worth noting that Ukrainian and Swedish government officials are conducting a dialogue on the delivery of the latest weapons systems at the request of Kyiv.

This brings the view closer, as the media in Kyiv have previously outlined in a series of analyses, that one of the world’s largest arms manufacturers will begin working for the benefit of the country. Ukrainian Army.

If receiving advanced weapons systems from Sweden, Ukrainian soldiers will have more valuable options for the new offensive launched in the South to regain control of the Kherson area.

The 155 mm Archer self-propelled gun from Sweden is considered the “top-notch” in the segment, it is even superior to the French-made CAESAR thanks to its much higher automation and fire-supplying capabilities. much stronger force.

In addition, the Swedish RBS 70 low-altitude air defense system is also a great weapon, which will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a more effective means to counter Russian attack helicopters on the southern battlefield.

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