India has put its first homegrown aircraft carrier into service.

In an endeavour to advance its naval prowess and defence autonomy, India commissioned its first homegrown aircraft carrier, the Vikrant.

“This is a significant accomplishment and a historic day. It serves as an illustration of the government’s efforts to make India independent in the military industry “At the ceremony on September 2, the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant was officially launched at the Cochin shipyard in southern India, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The second aircraft carrier used by the Indian military is named Vikrant, which translates from Sanskrit as “strong” or “courageous.” The other is the upgraded Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier that India purchased from Russia in 2004. It is called INS Vikramaditya.

The Vikrant aircraft carrier, which has a length of 262 metres and a displacement of 47,400 tonnes, is reportedly the biggest warship ever produced in India, according to the Indian Navy. Vikrant has a 1,600-person crew and is equipped with 30 helicopters and jets.

75% of the components for the aircraft carrier Vikrant are domestically produced and provided by more than 100 businesses, according to the Indian Ministry of Defense. In February 2009, India began construction on the Vikrant, which was launched in August 2013 and put into the water for sea testing in August 2021.

According to experts in the field of defence, the Vikrant aircraft carrier development is running six years behind schedule and has doubled in price to 200 billion rupees ($2.5 billion).

In 2023, the Vikrant aircraft carrier is anticipated to be fully operational following takeoff and landing trials with MiG-29K fighters of Russian manufacture. India plans to add more than 20 new aircraft to the carrier, choosing between the US F/A-18 Block III and the French Rafale-M.

In light of China’s recent military buildup in the Indian Ocean, Western Pacific, and elsewhere, India recently commissioned its first homegrown aircraft carrier. China sent its spy ship Vien Vong 5 to Sri Lanka at the beginning of August, which alarmed India.

In 2021, the Indian Navy will dispatch four warships to the Pacific, South China Sea, and Southeast Asia. Along with other Quartet participants like the US, Japan, and Australia, several Indian warships took part in the drill.

On September 2, Prime Minister Modi stated that the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean areas’ security issues have been neglected for far too long. As a result, Modi added, “We are working in all directions, from raising the navy’s budget to upgrading its capabilities.” This region is currently a top defence priority for our nation.

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