‘America should not be fooled, Russia’s new weapon is extremely dangerous

Russia’s new weapon is scarier than what the US military thinks, Washington media warn.

Former US Army officer – military expert Brent M. Eastwood. recently wrote in the publication 19FortyFive that new Russian weapons are really dangerous for the US

Russia is one of the world’s leaders in the development of high-tech weapons and it intends to continue creating more advanced weapons despite sanctions and geopolitical instability.

According to expert Brent Eastwood, the Russian Federation recently launched a “destructive weapon from the depths of the sea” with great destructive power and a very different attack method.

Mr. Eastwood commented that the Russian Navy can be proud of the diversity and strength of its submarine force. Some time ago, the super-large submarine BS-329 “Belgorod”, equipped with the most advanced weapons was officially handed over.

Belgorod is the largest nuclear submarine built by Russia in the past 30 years. The ship is 167 m long and 14 m wide, is equipped with two nuclear reactors, and has a displacement of 24,000 tons. However, what is hidden behind is really scary. The former US Army officer believes that the Russian Federation is trying to deceive the opponent by providing false information about their latest submarine.

“The new submarine has been delivered to the Deep Sea Research Department of the Russian Defense Ministry, and the Russian Army has announced that the new vessel will be engaged in conducting underwater scientific experiments. Don’t be fooled, this vehicle is very dangerous,” the American expert stated.

The latest Russian strategic weapon that US Navy commanders are most afraid of is probably the Poseidon unmanned underwater warfare vehicle, which will be put on the Belgorod nuclear submarine.

The Poseidon is a massive nuclear torpedo that functions as an unmanned underwater combat vehicle with unlimited range. This is the real doomsday weapon. It has a length of 24 m and reaches a maximum speed of 108 knots, with a maximum operating depth of 970 m.

The underwater self-propelled unmanned vehicle is equipped with a nuclear warhead with an explosive yield of up to 2 megatons, more than enough to cause serious damage to the entire enemy’s coastline.

“Fortunately, the implementation of Poseidon is still a few years away. But it could actually destroy the coastal cities of Britain, America, or other NATO countries. The enemy has nothing to stop such a nuclear torpedo,” the former US Army officer said.

The military expert added that Belgorod has another curious and alarming feature for the US. The ship can act as a “mothership”, providing protection for a small nuclear-powered spy submarine.

Such a mini-sub could be used for sabotage, for example, it is fully deployed to destroy underwater cables and thus make it impossible for the enemy to access telecommunications networks.

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