One of the most secret Russian goals in the Ukrainian battlefield has been achieved

The Ukrainian battlefield, according to the comment, has helped Russia complete one of its secret goals, so what is it specifically?

Russia has completed a secret target on the Ukrainian battlefield, said military expert and former pilot of the Romanian Air Force, Valentin Vasilescu.

The Romanian expert noted that Ukraine has become a contested place between Russia and the West, and in the framework of this confrontation, Moscow is holding the upper hand.

“Ukrainian President Zelensky still does not understand what his Russian counterpart is like, and therefore does not know that Putin has achieved most of his goals,” Vasilescu commented.

In December 2021, Putin requested security guarantees from Washington regarding NATO’s continued to advance toward Russia’s borders. Moscow doesn’t have them, which means that sooner or later Russia will face a war with NATO.

According to Vasilescu, to repel the threat from NATO, Russia will have to rely mainly on ground forces. This is Moscow’s strength as the army is well-trained, and its armored vehicles are durable and well-protected.

In many ways, Russia’s armored forces even surpass those of Western countries. Moreover, this country, if it feels the need, will be ready to set up mass production at any time.

Firepower is also not an issue, as Russia’s chemical industry can be fully mobilized for the production of infantry gun ammunition, artillery shells, and surface-to-surface missiles.

The Romanian military expert said: “Russia’s ground forces are more than NATO in the number of guns and cannons, especially in the field of large-caliber artillery with a diameter of more than 152 mm.”

However, Russian weapons are inferior to NATO in terms of accuracy. The Americans used GPS-guided bullets, which were easier to use and harder to suppress. At the same time, the US uses the same guidance system for many types of missiles, such as Excalibur, ATACMS, and HIMARS.

Facing a powerful adversary, Russia needs to uncover the secrets of the aforementioned guidance system in order to successfully neutralize such missiles.

“How Russia was able to gather information about NATO’s advanced military technology, its methods of combat, and find and test antidote without triggering a confrontation with NATO? You guessed it!”, Mr. Vasilescu explained.

The expert believes that the Russian military leadership has a hunch that the West will help Ukraine by training its soldiers and providing modern weapons, along with precision guidance components that Russia wants to test.

At the same time, Moscow understands that the capabilities of NATO countries are limited, and they will not be able to send a large number of weapons for the needs of the Ukrainian Army, but that remains a problem for Russia and prevents progress in special campaigns.

“So for the Russians, the Ukrainian land is the site of Western weapons testing, not in a training ground but in real combat conditions,” concludes the former pilot of the Romanian Air Force.

Vasilescu explained that Moscow has developed a plan to study several types of NATO-guided weapons. In addition, according to the Romanian expert, the mission is not to attack Western equipment after it entered Ukraine.

Russia’s main purpose is to constantly monitor the use of Western weapons. In addition, experts from Moscow were able to make an accurate assessment of the loot seized from Ukraine.

To achieve a certain goal, the Russian Army neutralized Ukraine’s Soviet-era weapons. They are also in the equipment of the countries that were once part of the Warsaw Pact that has now joined NATO, which they sent to Kyiv, but were also immediately destroyed by the Russian side.

The Russian plan was to neutralize the weapons, equipment, and military equipment of the Soviet defense industry – then the NATO countries replaced it with precision-guided weapons of their own production. export.

“The disabling of a significant part of the Ukrainian Air Force, air reconnaissance radars, and anti-aircraft batteries on the first day of the special operation was part of this scenario.”

“After that, NATO countries supplied Ukraine with portable air defense missile systems FIM-92 Stinger and MISTRAL, radar AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel or anti-radar missile AGM-88 HARM,” the military expert said. Romania said.

Vasilescu said that the Russian side is interested in the gyro-stabilized GPS device of the M777 cannon, as well as the self-guided head of the NLAW and FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles.

But the most coveted feat has to be the M31 GMLRS missile, which has the same delivery method as the ATACMS tactical missile, or the Excalibur shell. Especially since Russia does not code to access the military component of GPS satellites.

“On August 29, 2022, the Russians found an unexploded HIMARS missile with its guidance part intact. They put it on a test bench and linked it to an American satellite in the GPS network.”

“From there, they obtained the frequencies and modulation characteristics that would allow access to the satellite, as well as an encrypted model for transmitting the GPS coordinates of the US military satellite.”

“Now the Russians can detect any request for GPS coordinates, and instead of a satellite signal, they synthesize a stronger signal to deflect the missile and direct it to the target,” the former pilot said. share the technical side of the problem.

Access to such information is very important for Moscow, as NATO satellites and research planes constantly patrol the Northwestern Black Sea and transmit all movements of the Russian Army in a single line. secret wire.

This information is currently being sent to Ukrainian forces, but the same data link will be used in the event of a NATO attack on Russia. Therefore, studying the structure and decoding of the characteristics of radio signals is extremely important for Moskva.

The data obtained through the study and capture of Western weapons operating in Ukraine will or has helped the Russian armed forces to obtain invaluable information. Thus, Moscow has indeed achieved its biggest secret goal in Ukraine.

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