Russia was caught lying when it declared the destruction of Ukraine’s M2 Bradley armour series.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s claim that it had destroy four M2 Bradley armoured vehicles built in the US in the combat division of the Ukrainian army in a single day appears to have been exposed as a lie.

An official statement from Moscow claims that on September 4 alone, Ukraine “lost 17 infantry fighting vehicles, including four US-made M2 Bradleys.” This is a screenshot of the first posting from the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense on its official website, albeit it was later taken down after the “lying” was exposed The proof is still in tact.

The fact that the aforementioned information was not only published on the internet but also quoted by Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, the Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, during a news conference, demonstrates that it is not only a “type error.”Despite the fact that Ukraine presently only has 16 HIMARS systems, the Russian Ministry of Defense has categorically stated that it will destroy up to 44 Ukrainian M142 HIMARS high-mobile artillery missile complexes, with a maximum of 18 launch vehicles in a single day.

Additionally, the number of tanks, aircraft, and pieces of artillery destroyed by Moscow, according to numbers provided by Moscow, is between three and four times higher than the entire number of vehicles in their service, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.The M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle does not only not serve in the Armed Forces; information about their transfer by the United States has also never been known. This makes it impossible to explain the Russian Ministry of Defense’s error.

The most likely scenario is that the Russian side mistook the Marders that Ukraine was offering Germany for the M2 Bradley, resulting in the aforementioned incident. Before the aforementioned events, the president of Ukraine remarked that the presence of “mythical” equipment among the Armed Forces could serve as a justification for the Russian Army’s inability to advance on the battlefield.

The Kremlin continues to insist that it is not at war with Ukraine outright, but rather that it is waging war against nearly the entire NATO, thus it will come into contact with a variety of US-made weaponry and equipment. What will the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense “create” next in order to replace the M2 Bradley infantry combat vehicle and the M1 Abrams main battle tank among the Armed Forces of Ukraine? was the following query posed by the Kyiv press.

Because there are so few photographs to back up the Russian claims that they have severely damaged Ukraine, the media continues to have a difficult time believing them.Perhaps the Russian military officials will have to be more cautious when publishing their next news releases in light of the aforementioned occurrence.

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