Does the Russian Kalibr missile show superior effectiveness compare to US Tomahawk on the battlefield in Ukraine?

The Russian Kalibr missile was commented by some military experts to have had a convincing performance in the ukraine russian conflict, even surpassing the American Tomahawk missile.

Russia has some really effective weapons to use on the Ukrainian battlefield, such as the Kalibr missile, American journalist Wesley Culp writes in 19FortyFive and conflict games.

Currently, all the world’s leading military powers are trying to add cruise and hypersonic missiles, because they have great combat potential.

According to conflict of nations journalist Wesley Culp, such weapons are truly a game changer on the battlefield, and one of the typical combat systems is Russia’s “fierce” Kalibr cruise missile.

The author of the analysis in the US publication said: “The Russian Kalibr cruise missile can reach speeds of up to Mach 3 and impresses from the outside.”

The Russian military started using Kalibr cruise missiles long before the special military operation in Ukraine, this weapon was used to “storm” the hot Middle East Syria.

It was during the time and environment mentioned above that this weapon proved its importance by its ability to attack long-range accurately.

The Kalibr missile has the same performance as the famous Tomahawk combat system (nicknamed “War Messenger” by the US). Even is said to show better power.

The Kalibr missile is capable of carrying a warhead weighing up to 450 kg and has a range of 1,500 – 2,500 km.

“The Kalibr family of missiles includes anti-ship and anti-submarine variants, as well as a special version designed to hit ground targets,” said military expert Wesley Culp.

The Kalibr missile launcher platform is also very diverse, which can be surface ships, submarines, and cross-country trucks, in addition, Russia is currently actively researching to produce a version that can be integrated into the machine combat flight.

The first use of Kalibr cruise missiles in real combat was in October 2015, when Russian warships operating in the Caspian Sea carried out attacks on targets on Syrian soil.

Recently, Kalibr missiles have also been mobilized to attack Ukrainian military targets such as command posts, air bases, and air defense batteries.

But also on the Ukrainian battlefield, there have appeared quite a lot of unfavorable statistics for Kalir missiles, for example, Kyiv asserts that only 40% of the bullets hit accurately, and the rest either miss the target or fall vertically. road, or was shot down by an anti-aircraft system.

In the near future, Russia’s production of Kalibr missiles is considered to be difficult, because harsh sanctions from the West make it difficult for Moscow to find a supply of electronic circuit boards or high-speed processor chips. required height.

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