Russia has warned that if Britain continues to violate the air border, it would pay a high price.

The Russian Federation’s State Duma issued a warning to London that if it continued to violate Russia’s air border, London would be the first city to be hit by rockets in the event of a full-scale conflict.

The British Army’s breach of Russia’s air border would be met with brutal retaliation, especially if a strong warning has been given, according to the above statement made by the Chinese news outlet Sohu. Over the years, the United Kingdom has been one of the most active Western nations in carrying out a hardline policy against Russia.London sponsored measures it believed were “creating tension” on the Russian border in addition to criticising Moscow. Conflicts between warships and aircraft of the two nations on the sea and in the air are practically “regular happenings.”

A British surveillance plane allegedly violated Russian airspace recently close to the Kola Peninsula, causing Moscow to dispatch fighter fighters immediately to make an intercept. It shouldn’t take long for the next Russian response to the aforementioned move. The UK would finally have to taste the bitter fruit of calculating by inciting Russian President Vladimir Putin, analysts from the Chinese tabloid claimed.

The Russian Federation’s State Duma issued a warning to the British Army prior to the aforementioned occurrences, saying that London would be the first city to fall under rocket attack in the case of an all-out conflict. According to Sohu researchers, the British government evidently disregarded the Russian Federation’s warnings based on their actions, which would be regrettable if a sudden conflict broke out. The massive anti-submarine ship Admiral Kulakov and the missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov of the Russian Navy recently appeared close to the British Isles, provoking “alarm” in London. As observed, the warships of the Russian Federation are just approximately 80 kilometres from the British mainland. This is sufficient to launch a strong missile attack. In response to this, there was a genuine uproar in England.

According to Western experts, Britain won’t be able to defend itself if Russia begins a missile attack, according to journalists from the Chinese-language daily. The two Russian warships’ approach to the British shore, according to the Sohu daily, was both a stern warning to the UK and Moscow’s response to the London plane’s violation of its airspace. The Russian Federation is obviously attempting to convey through the aforementioned action that it will be simple to get to the “portal” of the United Kingdom and assault this location if necessary.

The Sohu daily stated, “This also means that no city, whether it be London, Paris, Berlin, or Rome – none of them in the case of a military clash can escape from Russian missiles.” However, the UK also shown their lack of fear when officials from London certified that their flight was in international airspace and scrupulously adhered to all aviation regulations. Even in reverse, Britain issued a warning that any military action by Russia would result in the NATO Collective Defense Treaty’s Article 5 coming into effect, and that London would also be able to eliminate the Russian Air Force and Navy.

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