Russia is giving a prize of $16,000 for locating the Estonian robot THEMIS in Ukraine.

Russia has offered a prize to anyone in Ukraine who can provide them access to the Estonian THEMIS robotics platform.

According to RIA Novosti (Russian news agency), the Center for Analysis of Strategy and Technology (CAST) in Russia has promised to pay one million rubles (more than $16,000) to anyone who can offer a platform. Delivery of it to the Russian Ministry of Defense via the Estonian robot platform THEMIS in Ukraine.

A specialist autonomous military vehicle called THEMIS was delivered to Kiev for the first time in August, according to information from CAST. More are anticipated to be transported to Ukraine soon. They were designed to be utilised primarily for the transportation of ammunition and the evacuation of the injured.

“Due to the high level of technical interest in this gadget, CAST has announced a reward of one million rubles for any military or law enforcement professionals or other individuals who successfully master the THeMIS platform in Ukraine. The robot must be delivered to the Russian Defense Ministry in a state that is largely undamaged “In a statement, the centre stated.

A multitude of factors led to the prize being presented, according to CAST Director Ruslan Pukhov. This is first and foremost a memorial to Konstantin Makienko, the man who founded CAST and died in May 2021. Second, the development of Russian land-based robotic systems will benefit greatly from research on THEMIS.

Very few of the military systems that were given to Ukraine are actually cutting-edge and modern. The platform is truly innovative, and this is what needs our attention. It represents the future of warfare, according to Mr. Pukhov.

A product called THeMIS was created by the Milrem Robotics firm in Estonia. This vehicle is used by the military forces of 11 nations in addition to Ukraine, including 7 NATO members (Estonia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, and the US). The employment of THEMIS in the EU’s military operation in Mali is well recognised.

The THeMIS is a versatile crawler-driven vehicle that can be fitted with additional combat technology, including weaponry, drones, IED (improvised explosive device) detectors, etc. can travel at 20 km/h while carrying a payload of up to 1200 kg. The control system enables remote control of THEMIS.

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