After losing thousands of troops, Ukraine stopped attacking in the direction of Mykolaiv-Kryvyi Rih

According to Russian military circles, the loss of thousands of troops and hundreds of heavy military equipment forced the Ukrainian Army to stop its offensive in the direction of Mykolaiv-Kryvyi Rih.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on September 8 that, in the conflict with ukraine russian within the framework of the operation to recapture Kherson on the southern battlefield, the Ukrainian Army stopped its attacks in the direction of Mykolaiv-Kryvyi Rih after suffering heavy losses. heavily in the past few days in conflict of nations.

The announcement stated that, on September 8, the offensive of the Ukrainian Army in the direction of Mykolaiv-Kryvyi Rih was stopped due to consecutively suffering great losses in manpower and equipment.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense also announced that on September 6, the Ukrainian army lost up to 210 troops, lost up to 12 tanks, 11 infantry fighting vehicles, 8 other armored vehicles 6 pickup trucks with heavy machine guns.

But more serious was the downing of three Su-25 attack aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force, one near the village of Snigirevka and two near Mirny, in the Mykolaiv region. This has made Ukraine no longer able to provide ground support.

In addition, ships of the Russian Navy used long-range Kalibr cruise missiles to attack a large Ukrainian fuel depot in the area of ​​​​the village of Karpovka – Dnepropetrovsk region, which is a source of fuel for a group of Ukrainian troops. in the Mykolaiv-Kryvyi Rih direction.

It was the heavy and continuous damage for many days that caused the Ukrainian forces mobilized for the Kherson recapture campaign to lose thousands of people; most of the weapons and equipment were destroyed; motor vehicle fuel is exhausted; The morale of the soldiers fell seriously.

Meanwhile, the Aerospace Forces (VKS), rockets, and artillery of the Russian Army continues to carry out precision strikes on units and reserves of the Ukrainian armed forces according to this direction.

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry also reported that in ukraine news today September 8, the armed forces of the Russian Federation simultaneously attacked the positions of three Ukrainian army brigades in the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions.

In addition, the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed an ammunition depot of the 406th artillery brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces in the residential area of ​​Peremoga, near the city of Nikolaev Mykolaiv.

The Aerospace Forces destroyed a US-made counter-reaction radar station, and also destroyed missile factories for Ukraine’s Alder (Vilkha) multiple launch rocket system.

On September 6, the leaders of the Kherson regional government (created by Russia) said that Kiev was hiding catastrophic losses of Ukrainian troops in an unsuccessful offensive attempt to retake Kherson province from the forces.

According to Russian data, since the end of August, Ukraine’s armed forces have lost nearly 3,000 troops and hundreds of units of foreign military equipment, most of which are German and Polish weapons. This damage is second only to the wars in Ilovaisky (from August to September 2014) and Debaltsevo (February 2015).

On the Donbas front on September 7, tactical aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the positions of 47 artillery units of the Ukrainian army around the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic. (DPR).

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the attacks of Kiev forces on the territory of the DPR have completely failed, even the armed forces of the DPR with the support of the Russian army liberated more residential areas of Kodama from the hands of the Russian Defense Ministry Ukrainian army.

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