Ukraine receives a “Su-57 killer” the Sky Saber air defence system from Britain.

The UK is set to give the Ukrainian army the Sky Saber – New Generation Medium-Range Air Defense Missile System (also known as the “stealth hunter”). This air defence complex will pose a threat to Russian forces due to its superior tactical and technical features.

According to our London correspondent, Britain is considering giving Ukraine the Sky Saber air defence system to aid Kiev in locking down the sky.

Kiev and London have not yet replied to the information above.

Israel works closely with the European defence company MBDA to create the Sky Saber complex. a cutting-edge mobile air defence system that can hunt for and destroy targets as well as manage fire and the air situation.

Sky Saber is made up of three major parts that are mounted on a MAN truck chassis and placed in a 15 km2 fighting zone. The first is a medium-range surveillance radar called the Giraffe Agile Multi Beam 3D with a 360-degree azimuth that can identify all threats within a 120-kilometer range and a maximum altitude of 20 kilometres.

The Sky Saber may share data from the complex’s regular radar or from other sources relayed to the command centre of the Land Missile Operations Center thanks to the Rafale control system, built by the Israeli company Rafael.

Processing incoming data as well as commanding the launcher and missile fall under the purview of the command post. The command system has the ability to simultaneously direct 24 missiles to 24 separate targets by altering their flight paths.

The Sky Saber complex is also equipped with a CAMM missile that is 3.2 metres long, 166 millimetres in diameter, and has a starting mass of 99 kilogrammes in addition to the surveillance radar and fire control system.

The rocket’s proven range is between 25 and 45 kilometres, and it has a solid-propulsion system with a top speed of 1,372 metres per second, or Mach 4.

There is an active radar detector on the CAMM missile. Additionally, communication tools are there for data sharing with the air defence system while it is in flight. High explosive fragmentation warhead with both contact and non-contact detonators strikes target.

If the transfer plan is implemented, the Sky Saber complex will aid Ukraine in “mastering” the skies over the southern region, together with other NATO medium-range air defence missile systems like NASAMS or IRIS-T.

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