The US Media: When facing the S-500 air defense system, US stealth fighters will “fall like a fig.”

The nation’s media expresses alarm over the US stealth fighter’s inability to compete with the Russian S-500 air defense system.

According to 19FortyFive, Russia intends to turn its S-500 Prometheus air defense system, which is currently in its fifth iteration, into a deadly opponent for US stealth jets like the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II. The most contemporary and sophisticated anti-aircraft missile system in Russia is called S-500 Prometheus. This kind of weapon is promoted as a well-liked method of fending off various airborne dangers.

Despite having no combat successes, the new weapon of the Russian Federation cannot be understated, according to military analyst Wesley Culp of the magazine 19FortyFive. The author noted in American publications that “no one knows for sure how lethal the S-500 air defense system will be against America’s top stealth jets, such as the F-22 and F-35.”

In actuality, there is very little information available regarding the S-500’s fundamental technical specifications. The latest Russian air defense system, nicknamed as the “stealth killer,” is only known to have a range of 500–600 kilometers. The media also claims that the aforementioned battle complex can intercept ballistic missiles at great heights because it can hit targets up to 200 kilometers in the air.

Expert Wesley Culp claims that the S-500 complex is a weapon that can take on fifth-generation fighters, ballistic and cruise missiles, and even satellites in orbit. The S-500 was developed to complete a gap in the Russian air defense systems, not to replace the S-400, which it was designed to replace. When the outdated Russian complexes become insufficient, Prometheus will be deployed to handle threats.

Wesley Culp, a military specialist, stated that it is currently impossible to evaluate the S-500 Prometheus’ capabilities against US fifth-generation aircraft.However, as was already revealed, Russia will attempt to use the S-500 super-long range air defense missile system to counter US stealth technology.

The S-500 Prometheus will undoubtedly play a significant role in the anti-aircraft fire network that safeguards Russia’s skies, despite the fact that its exact quantity is yet unclear, according to the US military specialist. However, as Mr. Culp noted, the S-500 Prometheus lacks actual combat experience, making it impossible to say whether or not it has begun the “falling down” of predecessors like the S-400 Triumf or the S-300 Favorit.

Since with Prometheus today, Triumf and Favorit were praised when they were first born, but their actual results in various conflict nations ie Syria, Karabakh, or Ukraine were extremely devastating as they were easily struck by cruise missiles and outnumbered by a few missiles.

It is natural to have skepticism about the S-500 because it has been criticized for lacking new technology (such kinetic interception) and is allegedly only an expansion of the missile shells fitted to the S-400 and S-300 to have a longer range and higher altitude.

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