American involvement on Ukraine’s counterattack in the province of Kharkiv?

According to the US publication The New York Times, Kiev and Washington have been in constant communication regarding a strategy to fend off Russia during its counteroffensive in the northeastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv.

A fundamental change in military tactics on the ground was signalled by Ukraine’s intelligence sharing with the US during the Russian counterattack in Kharkiv province, according to the New York Times.

In the past, the US frequently gave Ukraine data about the military situation, the command centre, ammo depots, and fuel depots on the Russian front lines.

The Ukrainian military, however, did not divulge real fighting developments or its battle strategy to the US. American officials have griped that they are unaware of the actual situation on the ground.

According to Ukrainian officials, the mission will be finished by the Ukrainian army with just the provision of the necessary weapons from the United States. However, the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the region of Kherson came to a standstill and made little headway.

Kiev altered the strategy and direction of the counterattack on Russia, and aggressively communicated it with the US. An unidentified US official told the New York Times that Washington can now assist counterattacks more.

The insider claimed that this adjustment aids the US in “better understanding and greater support when exploiting Russia’s weaknesses on the ground.” According to US authorities, Washington was clearly identifiable in Ukraine’s counterattack in the Kharkiv province.

In the Kharkiv area, Ukrainian military launched a significant counterattack using American mobile and heavy weapons, particularly Humvee armoured vehicles.

In contrast to the lengthy Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kherson, the Ukrainian army quickly retook numerous important strategic towns and cities in Kharkiv.

The Russian publication RT claims that Moscow has frequently cautioned Washington about arming Kiev and providing it with military data, alleging that the US is directly interfering in the crisis. As a result, Russia has often expressed concern about the possibility of an actual armed confrontation with the US.

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