Ukraine’s defence minister is concerned about soldiers “going too far” as they makes quick advances in kharkiv.

Oleksii Reznikov, the defence minister, said the counterattack “went beyond expectations,” but he was concerned about the danger if their forces became overconfident.

The Ukrainian military reported that as of September 11 it has reclaimed 3,000 square kilometres of land, including parts of the northeastern region that Russia had been in possession of since March 2022.

Reznikov addressed the Military Cognizance, “We have counterattacked to reclaim land and need to be ready to hold these regions.” Obviously, there is cause for concern. Russia’s initial response came on the evening of September 11 in the form of a bombardment of rockets and artillery fired from the Black Sea. The Russian attack in Kharkiv destroyed a sizable thermal power plant, leaving the city in the dark.

While Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, and the Sumy region had some power, the Donetsk region was completely without power.

The Ukrainian counterattack in Kharkiv province was compared by Mr. Reznikov to a “snowball effect,” suggesting that it is accelerating and becoming unstoppable.

General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, commander of the Ukrainian army, said, “Ukrainian military is continuing to reclaim several territory from Russia.” “3,000 square kilometres of area have been retaken since the beginning of September.”

After six days of nonstop action, Mr. Reznikov claimed that although Ukrainian forces were a little worn out, their willingness to fight was still quite strong since “there are already evidence that Russia can also be pushed back.”

Reznikov issued a warning that Russia would soon dispatch forces to the east and plan further assaults, particularly on the logistics infrastructure of Ukraine. Reznikov claims that if Ukrainian soldiers are overconfident and venture farther than the logistics force can support them, they run the possibility of being encircled by Russian reinforcements.

The troops were told to leave the Kharkiv region city of Izyum to regroup and wait for new orders, the Russian Defense Ministry said late last week.

According to Military Cognizance, military experts also caution that Ukraine’s initial success in Kharkiv does not necessarily mean that Russian troops will be entirely driven back toward the border.

According to the General Staff of Ukraine, 1,200 elite Chechen troops have been sent to Russia’s east to bolster its defences and block the Ukrainian assault.

Reznikov claims that the crucial agricultural region of Kherson “has irrigation channels” that Russia can utilise as trenches to bolster defences, which has slowed down Ukraine’s counterattack there.

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