Russia received a new series of Su-35S fighters to rush to the battlefield in Ukraine

The Russian Aerospace Forces have received a new batch of Su-35S fighters produced at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur (KnAAZ) plant.

Su-35S fighters have just left the assembly line of the KnAAZ factory as part of the third contract that this enterprise signed with the Russian Defense Ministry, TASS news agency quoted a source from the United Aircraft Corporation. (UAC) said.

All fighters delivered to the Russian Aerospace Forces have undergone tests at the plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, each aircraft is tested in the air and on the ground in various operating modes. different movements.

The delivery of Su-35S will not stop at this time, this year, the fighters under the new contract will be handed over to the Russian Air Force. In parallel with this, the assembly line of the Su-57 Felon will also continue, TASS news agency added.

The above-mentioned Su-35S aircraft are expected to soon be launched into the Ukrainian battlefield, the first purpose is probably to compensate for the loss in combat. Recently, there has been quite a lot of conflicting information about the loss of this fighter line.

“Ukraine regularly claims victory over Russian Su-35S fighters, but their reports should not be trusted,” said expert Ashish Dangwal, a military analyst for the Indian newspaper EurAsian Times review.

“The recent attack indicates that Su-35S fighters are being used to destroy targets on Ukrainian soil. Russia widely uses this type of fighter in its special military campaign,” the author emphasized.

According to the analyst, the Russian fighter possesses impressive performance and is capable of suppressing air, ground, and surface targets. The Su-35S is equipped with anti-ship missiles and a variety of formidable air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.

The Indian journalist clarified: “The Su-35S has a 3-D thrust vectoring control engine, which tilts the jet’s nozzles up, down, and to the side, providing a high angle of attack beyond the current vector of the fighter”.

“This allows the pilot to perform various maneuvers to fight within sight and avoid oncoming missiles. In addition, the Su-35S is equipped with an impressive multi-mode Irbis radar, with a range of detection shows its air targets up to 400 km”.

Meanwhile, despite the superior features, the leadership of the Ukrainian Army regularly reports about the downing of Russian warplanes, including the powerful Su-35S.

Brigadier General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Aleksey Gromov claimed that the country’s air defense systems shot down more than two dozen Su-35S. According to expert Dangwal, the above statement has no evidence and does not create any credibility.

Ashish Dangwal commented: “Although Ukraine claims to have shot down two squadrons (a total of about 24 Su-35S fighters) during the conflict, there is no sufficient evidence.”

Because the Su-35S does not take on the main role for ground attack missions, or if they do, they also use long-range weapons, the probability of being shot down by Ukrainian air defense is not much.

In addition, the Su-35S also plays the role of an anti-aircraft fighter, protecting the ground attack squadron against the threat of Ukrainian aircraft, due to its outstanding features compared to the enemy, so the possibility of being attacked by a fighter jet. The enemy shot down is also quite low.

According to the assessment of the Indian newspaper, the actual number of Russian Su-35S fighters shot down by Ukraine on the spot is only about 2-3 units, far different from the figure announced by the Kyiv government.

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