Russian Army leaves “excellent gifts” for Ukraine in Kharkiv, ranging from advanced Orlan-10 UAVs to T-80 tanks.

During the operation in the Kharkiv region, the Russian Army is “escaping” so quickly that Ukrainian troops hardly have time to seize all the weapons and equipment, but they nevertheless manage to seize a significant number of weaponry.

A number of photos that were in the public domain showed that during the offensive in the Kharkiv Region, the fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces captured the enemy command and staff vehicle R-149A1, which is a component of the Russian military’s automated control system known as “Sozvezdie” and “ESU TK.” This automobile appears to have been taken as a prize following the fighting on September 8, 2022.

And during the entire battle with the Russian Federation, this is the second R-149MA1 that has ended up in the hands of the military. The first was discovered in the Mykolaiv region in the middle of March 2022. According to a conservative estimate provided by Oryx site analysts, Ukrainian forces also used anti-tank missiles to destroy at least six R-149A1s throughout the duration of fighting.

According to the response left by our supporters on social media, the Russian army is leaving the Kharkiv region so quickly that the Ukrainian Armed Forces haven’t won this many medals in a long time.

It is important to note that the P-149MA1 stated above is not the only “valuable present” the Russians have left behind. As previously reported by Troops Cognizance, the Ukrainian military captured the Russian Tor-M1 air defence system as a prize during the conquest of Balakleia. Additionally, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ men “trophied” Rashistov’s 1L261 radar station from the 1L260 “Zoopark-1M” counter-battery complex, the second time during the entire conflict.

Additionally, Ukrainian military forces also took a number of Russian T-72 and T-80 tanks as well as a BTR armoured personnel carrier. Near Izium, Ukrainian forces seized eight Russian T-80BVs, a T-80U, two BTR versions, a UR-77, and other vehicles in a single spot. They also succeeded in capturing the BREM-1M armoured recovery vehicle (ARV).

During the Kharkive attack, Russian forces were fleeing when they left a few Russian 152mm 2s3 howitzers behind. Due to either their equipment’s failure to roll, technical problems, or fuel shortages, Russian forces have abandoned many tanks. In one video, a 2016 model Russian T-72B3 that was abandoned due to problematic tracks can be seen.

In the Kharkiv oblast, Ukrainian army also seized two Russian BM-21 grads and a Ural vehicle. A 1L261 Zoopark-1 counter-battery radar system, endless rounds for rifles, dozens of anti-tank weapons, and automatic grenade launchers were also taken by Ukraine. Additionally, they succeed in capturing a tracked, completely amphibious, multipurpose MT-LB armoured battle vehicle.

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