Watch the ‘China’s Switchblade’ UAV, FH-901, smash tanks.

China recently released a video of the FH-901 UAV destroying a tank. This suicide UAV is said to have many similarities with the US Switchblade model.

According to the Global Times, on September 8, a video recording of a suicide drone (UAV) FH-901 destroying a tank used for training was published.

The video shows the FH-901 being launched from a vertical launch tube placed on the ground, controlled by a small electronic board. After identifying the tank, the FH-901 rushed towards the target and exploded, causing great damage to the tank.

According to information from the Chinese military, in addition to launching from vertical launchers, the FH-901 can also be launched from the air by fighters or even large UAVs. Western military experts commented that China’s UAV is very similar to the US Switchblade, from design to operation.

The FH-091 was developed from the CH-901 prototype, and has a body length of 1.2m, a maximum speed of 150km/h, an operating radius of 15km, and an operating time of 120 minutes. This UAV can be equipped with anti-tank warheads or fragmentation warheads, the installation time only takes 3 minutes.

FH-97 attack drone. Photo: Weibo

Besides the suicide UAV model, China also introduced the FH-97 long-range attack UAV, which is designed for reconnaissance and attack purposes. Currently, there is not much information about the specifications and export capabilities of the FH-97, however, this UAV has many similarities with the US-made Kratos XQ-58A Valkyrie UAV.

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