German officials decline to provide Ukraine with main combat tanks.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said Germany’s military aid to Kiev had reached its limit.

On September 12, Minister Christine Lambrecht stated in her keynote address at a German Foreign Affairs Association event that Berlin had turned down Kiev’s request for battle tanks. standard Leopard 2.

The minister stated that Germany will not unilaterally transfer infantry fighting vehicles or major battle tanks that are built in the West to Kiev as no country has done so as of now.

After highlighting Berlin’s responsibility to support the upkeep of democracy in Ukraine, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, the head of Germany’s defence commission, made her speech.

The Marder infantry fighting vehicle and the Leopard 2 main combat tank are protected vehicles that Germany must give, according to Marie-Agnes, who spoke to DPA news agency on September 11.

Ms. Lambrecht had earlier claimed that Germany’s military assistance to Ukraine had hit its ceiling and that Berlin was now searching for alternative methods to bolster Kiev’s army.

“We’ll keep assisting Ukraine. We have transferred an incredible sum of money from the German Army’s reserves. We have definitely hit the limit at this moment, Minister Lambrecht told the German parliament last week.

She emphasised that if Germany wanted to maintain its ability to defend itself, it could not give away any more weapons. The minister continued by saying that Berlin still had other options if it wanted to support Ukraine, including through a closed-loop exchange in which Germany would give other EU nations new weapons in exchange for their old ones, and then Ukraine would receive the old weapons. After closing negotiations with the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Germany has made headway, according to female Minister Lambrecht, who brought up this alternative.

Germany has provided Kiev with a number of weapons since fighting in Ukraine began in February, including the Gepard anti-aircraft gun tank, the Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled howitzer, and the Stinger anti-aircraft missile system.

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