Ukraine was ‘disappointed’ when Germany postponed the delivery of the Iris-T air defense system for the fourth time

The IRIS-T air defense system will not soon be delivered to Ukraine until the end of this year, information has just been reported by Russian media. 

Previously, the German side had 3 times delayed the delivery of the IRIS-T air defense system to the Ukrainian side.

According to data published by the German side, the delivery of the first two IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine will take place by the end of this year.

This shows that Berlin is deliberately delaying the delivery time to the Ukrainian side, while Kyiv repeatedly urges Germany to transfer this air defense system. Germany is still judged to be slow to deliver the weapons it had promised to deliver to Kyiv.

“I am very pleased that Germany will deliver air defense systems for Ukraine to defend its airspace, the first system will be delivered by the end of this year while the rest will be delivered to Ukraine next year” Anki Feldhusen, Ambassador of Germany said.

The Russian side repeatedly condemns Germany for supplying weapons to Ukraine, which Moscow believes will only make the situation worse.

The IRIS-T air defense system was jointly developed by Germany and Sweden on the basis of new standards with an open architecture, creating maximum flexibility in the upgrade process. This weapon complex allows for the combination of elements including sensors, radars, combat control systems, and communications… from different manufacturers into a single platform.

The unique feature of this air defense system is that it uses IRIS-T air-to-air missiles that can hit air targets within a range of 25 km. The IRIS-T missile bullet has basic specifications including a weight of 87.4 kg; length of 2.93 m; body diameter of 127 mm; wingspan of 447 mm; install a high-power fragmentation detonator.

Body structure and powerful engines equipped with thrust vector control systems help them have a good ability to chase targets. Another outstanding feature of the IRIS-T missile is that it has the ability to cover a range of up to 360 degrees, which is especially advantageous in pursuing targets.

The IRIS-T anti-aircraft missile system mounted on the BV 410 trailer chassis helps with high mobility. The manufacturer said that the IRIS-T air defense missile complex was born to protect military units and infrastructure from enemy cruise missiles, fixed-wing aircraft as well as attack helicopters. .

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