US vows to deal a fatal blow if North Korea uses nuclear weapons as leverage

If North Korea launches a nuclear strike as the law has just been enacted, the United States has committed to react with “overwhelming and decisive” action.

“We are devoted to continuing our efforts to deploy all forces to bolster the alliance’s capacity for deterrence. After a vice-ministerial meeting of the Expanded Deterrence Strategy and Advisory Group (EDSCG) on September 16, the United States and South Korea announced in a joint statement that they would increase coordination to continue to deploy, maintain, and timely weapons that are effective and timely in the region in order to deter North Korea and enhance regional security.

The EDSCG hasn’t convened since 2018; this is the first time. In the joint declaration, the two parties reaffirmed Washington’s “strong resolve” to stand up for Seoul, denounced Pyongyang’s new nuclear policy as “escalating” and “destabilising,” and vowed to respond to any nuclear strike by North Korea beforehand “with an overwhelming and decisive response.”

The combined training of the F-35A fighter jet in July and the imminent deployment of the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier strike group, according to US and South Korean officials, is a gesture that amply demonstrates Washington’s commitment to the region.

The EDSCG delegation promised to expand bilateral training, exercise, and information-sharing capacities as well as its missile countermeasures capabilities after earlier inspecting a US B-52 bomber.

On this report, North Korea has not responded.

A law permitting North Korea to launch a preemptive nuclear strike “automatically and instantly to eliminate the hostile forces” when another nation poses an immediate threat to the country was passed by the Supreme People’s Assembly, or parliament, on September 9.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un stated that Pyongyang will never give up its nuclear weapons, adding that the new law makes its possession of nuclear weapons permanent. needed to handle Washington’s antagonistic actions.

The decision was made in the midst of tense tensions between North and South Korea after Pyongyang accused Seoul of being to blame for the Covid-19 outbreak in the nation. This year, North Korea has conducted an unprecedented number of missile tests. Observers believe Pyongyang is getting ready for its seventh nuclear test, which would be its first since 2017.

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