Russia: Hundreds of Ukrainian troops were killed in one day

The Russian-Ukrainian war on September 17 was highlighted by Russia claiming hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were killed in fighting in eastern and southern Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced to the media on September 17 that the offensive attempt by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) in Kherson had completely failed. In an attack near the village of Pravdino by two companies of infantry, the Ukrainian Army killed up to 120 people.

Accordingly, these 2 companies, supported by 9 tanks and 16 armored fighting vehicles of the 28th motorized brigade, carried out an unsuccessful attack on the village of Pravdino. In addition to 120 soldiers killed, Ukrainian forces also lost 7 tanks and 13 infantry fighting vehicles in just a few hours.

In addition, the report of the Russian Ministry of Defense also said that the Russian armed forces opened a concentrated fire on the combat positions of the 58th and 93rd motorized infantry brigades in the Druzhkovka and Artyomovsk regions; 53rd motorized brigade in the Zaytsevo region in Donetsk, Donbas region.

As a result of the attack in the 3 regions of Druzhkovka, Artyomovsk, and Zaitsevo, more than 230 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 10 tanks were set on fire, and 23 armored fighting vehicles and some other equipment were destroyed.

In addition, in the attacks of the Russian armed forces in several other areas in the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, the Ukrainian Army lost more than 140 killed and wounded servicemen, along with 5 tanks and 14 military equipment.

In addition, the Russian media also reported that a battalion with more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers was besieged in the Ingulets river area. They lacked both weapons and food, so they did not have the strength to break through the encirclement of the Russian army or retreat to the rear.

The reason was that when crossing the river they were stopped by the Russian army, while the water level of the Ingulets river rose very quickly, washing away the roads and temporary bridges erected by the Ukrainian Army from the right bank to the left bank of Kherson region, in when Ukrainian forces had no means to cross the river.

Although the group of Ukrainian troops located on the opposite riverbank is also trying to provide fire support to the group of soldiers trapped on the other side, the Russian Army and its allies are the eastern separatist forces. troops arrived very quickly in the area where Ukrainian forces were trapped.

The Russian media believes that, if more than 200 Ukrainian troops do not surrender, they will be destroyed by Russia and the DPR has superior numbers, along with very strong fire support of the air force and artillery.

In another development, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that a newly established base of the Ukrainian armed forces in a forest near the city of Kherson was completely destroyed by a high-precision attack of the Ukrainian military system. TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy flamethrower system.

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