Russian suicide UAV attacks ‘tear apart’ self-propelled artillery 2S3 Akatsiya Ukraine

The M214 Geran-2 suicide drone has proven to be a highly effective means of combating Ukrainian artillery. Recently, Ukraine’s 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled artillery was destroyed by this type of suicide UAV.

Russian suicide drones have been deployed on the Ukraine battlefield and have proven to be effective in inflicting damage on the enemy.

Russia’s Avia site said that the country’s military is deploying a series of M214 Geran-2 suicide UAVs, known to be the Shahed-136 UAVs developed by Iran.

The blow from the M214 Geran-2 suicide drone caused the 2S3 Akatsia self-propelled gun to be “torn”.

Analysts said that the suicide strike of the UAV detonated the ammunition depot in the vehicle, thus causing terrible destruction. Currently, both Moscow and Kyiv have not commented on the information posted by Avia.

The 2S3 Akatsia is a 152mm self-propelled howitzer, developed in the Soviet Union in the late 60s.

Currently, this type of artillery is being used in large numbers by both Russia and Ukraine in the ongoing conflict.

This type of artillery is designed to destroy enemy life force and armored vehicles. In addition, they also bombarded command and communication points, as well as suppressed enemy artillery.

This gun was put into service with artillery regiments, tank detachments, and motorized infantry of the Soviet army in 1971 to replace the 152mm guns D-1, D-20, and ML-20. 2S3 Akatsia is produced at the Ural Vehicles Factory with a quantity of more than 4,000 units. They are supplied to the militaries of the Warsaw Pact member countries, countries in Africa and Asia.

Since 1984, the 2S3 Akatsia cannon began to be used to escort convoys, often fired by rebels. This type of artillery was also used effectively in the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988). However, the Iraqi 2S3 Akatsia artillery was ineffective against international coalition forces in 1991.

2S3 Akatsia is designed with the engine located in front of the vehicle. The armor on the front of the tower and the body has a thickness of 30mm, and the sides – are 15mm to help protect the crew well.

In terms of size, this cannon has a length of 6.97m, a width of 3.25m, a height of 2.53m, weighs 27.5 tons, and a crew of 4.

The cannon is equipped with a V-59 engine with a capacity of 520 horsepower to help achieve a maximum speed of 63 km / h, a reserve of 500 km, can climb 30 degrees, overcome obstacles 0.7m high, and cross ditches. 2.5m wide.

2S3 Akatsia uses a 152.4mm spiral-slot main gun with a length of 28 times the caliber, an elevation angle from -4 to +60 degrees, and an angle of 360 degrees.

A 7.62mm machine gun is also equipped to shoot air targets or destroy enemy infantry. The artillery can fire fragmentation projectiles (range of over 17km), chemical shells, illumination projectiles, cluster projectiles, and armor-piercing projectiles.

For accurate shooting, the gunner is equipped with two panoramic sights for shooting from hidden positions and an OP5-38 sight for direct fire. The TKN-3A sighting device is equipped for the commander and the driver is equipped with night vision and sight devices.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia upgraded to the 2S3M2 Akatsia standard with the addition of a 1V514-1 “Mekhanizator-M” automatic firing system and a new camouflage smokescreen system.

In the latest modern variant called 2SM3 Akatsia, Russia has equipped a new gun barrel 2A33M that allows to increase the range and expand the type of ammunition that can be used, in addition, a new aiming system is also integrated to allow firing. more exactly.

2S3 Akatsia has participated in most of the conflicts that arose after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, such as the Pridnectrov conflict, the war in Abkhazia, the campaigns in Chechen, Ossetia, and most recently in Syria and the present. is Ukraine.

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