Superhuman maneuverability brings great advantages to the stealth fighter Su-57

Due to its extremely dynamic manoeuvrability, the Su-57 stealth fighter is claimed to provide the Russian air force with unquestionable advantages.

The EurAsian Times recently published an article by Indian military expert Part Satam, saying that the Russian Su-57 stealth fighter has an amazing feature that will help the Russian Aerospace Forces prevail. big before the opponent.

The Pentagon was recently forced to suspend the use of the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter because it discovered Chinese-made components in the engine.

According to Mr. Part Satam, in the context of the West’s difficulties, the story of comparing the effectiveness of the American fighter compared to the Russian Su-57 flared up again.

The author of the article in the Indian newspaper commented: “While American and Russian experts tend to appreciate their products, many independent analysts have been full of praise for the value of the Su-57 Felon”.

For his part, Mr. Satam commented that the Su-57 is a really formidable fighter with good stealth, and a large payload thanks to a powerful engine. However, above all, this aircraft has superhuman maneuverability.

Observers say that the Su-57 can easily defeat the F-35 in air combat thanks to its super maneuverability. The American fighter cannot physically replicate what a Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft can do.

Another distinctive feature of the Russian fifth-generation jet fighter is the radar system distributed throughout the clone. This technical solution allows the pilot to “see” in almost any direction possible.

With the above tactical characteristics, the Su-57 stealth fighter is expected to help the Russian Air Force dominate the sky after it is mass-produced in large enough quantities.

But in the opposite direction, many other opinions of analysts also believe that the features of the Su-57 carry a heavy theoretical element, and the reality is very different from what the Russian Defense Ministry still advertises.

First, the radar reflection area of ​​the Su-57, according to experimental results, is the largest among the fifth-generation stealth fighters, making it possible to be detected from afar by the enemy and destroyed before being identified. define the enemy.

For the fifth-generation fighter, long-range combat plays a decisive role in bringing victory, it will be very difficult for the Su-57 to drag the opponent into a close-range battle to promote its maneuverability.

But even in the best-case scenario, it should not be forgotten that no matter how well maneuvered, the aircraft’s overload capacity is still limited to 9G, because no pilot can withstand beyond that, i.e. Su-57 is also equivalent to all other 4th generation fighters.

When confronting close-range, NATO fighters with air-to-air missiles with the feature of “locking the target after launch” still provide an outstanding advantage over Russian fighters, because the aircraft cannot maneuver as fast. with rockets.

1 thought on “Superhuman maneuverability brings great advantages to the stealth fighter Su-57”

  1. When attempting to degrade the Su 57 one needs to combine the overall capabilities. The claim that it is like a 4the generation aircraft is in error due to its combined maneuverabilites. The author seems to promote the false claims on the F35 of its claimed stealth capacity. It is not stealth and when it shoots at long range the Su can shoot it down. That is because in dropping its rocket it shows its self and is not stealth and its overall stealth claim is false advertisement by the US Zionist news media.


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