Ukraine employed special Caesar’s self-propelled artillery as “bait”

The self-propelled French Caesar artillery is being used by the Ukrainian military as a booby trap for Russian army firing. Both the HIMARS type and the NASAMS rocket complex have been used with success by Kyiv in the past.

The Caesar self-propelled howitzers that France aided Ukraine have shown good performance on the battlefield, so Russia has sought to destroy these weapons systems.

To deceive Russian reconnaissance and firepower systems, Ukraine made weapon systems modeled on Western aid weapons.

After success with the HIMARS rocket model, Ukraine continued with the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile model.

Next is the Caesar self-propelled artillery model, analysts say that creating models that are close to reality will be difficult to detect at a distance, where Russian reconnaissance drones operate.

France has delivered a total of 8 modern self-propelled artillery Caesars to the Ukrainian army.

This type of artillery has made a significant contribution to helping Ukraine recover Snake Island from the Russian army.

The Caesar was an advanced French cannon, so advanced that the French army itself was not well equipped.

The 155 mm Caesar self-propelled gun was developed by the French company GIAT.

The prototype of the Caesar self-propelled howitzer was demonstrated in 1994 and in 2002, the French army received the first batch of this self-propelled howitzer.

Since 2007, this type of firecracker has been mass-produced. Each cannon has a base of 18 rounds of ammunition, and a rate of fire of 6 rounds per minute. This howitzer can use all 155 mm shells of NATO member countries.

Each Caesar self-propelled howitzer has a total of 500 parts, weighs nearly 18 tons, and is placed on a 6-wheel armored truck chassis with strong maneuverability on the ground.

The Caesar self-propelled howitzer is much better than the American M777 towed howitzer.

Each Caesar cannon costs 7 million USD and is a commercial success when exported to many countries.

The Caesar Cannon is said to be very manageable. Ukrainian commanders explained that first of all, it has a quick firing process, which saves a lot of time; Shooting quickly and then withdrawing quickly will help avoid quick retaliation by the enemy.

This self-propelled howitzer is equipped with the ATLAS fire control system developed by GIAT and EADS Defense Electronics; an integrated SAGEM Sigma 30 navigation system, DE CS-2002G fire control computer.

In addition, the manufacturer is also equipped with a GPS global positioning system, ROB -4 barrel tachometer radar, and tactical data series, without the need for human geographic measurement before firing.

The stable withdrawal of the cannon, the semi-automatic loading system, and the lifting and lowering of the barrel of Caesar’s cannon are all controlled by the control panel behind the tank, without the need for direct control in the cabin.

It took only 1 minute for Caesar to start firing from the preparation stage, and only 3 minutes to withdraw from the position after firing 6 rounds.

In terms of ammunition design, Caesar has a wide selection of ammunition, including high-explosive ammunition (High Explosive, HE) according to NATO standards, ammunition to damage people and supplies, Ogre shell “mother and child” ammunition, and anti-aircraft ammunition armor.

The standard Ogre shell has a range of 35 km, which is the mother bullet that can spread 378 sub-shells over an area of ​​​​3 hectares.

In addition, Ogre bullets can also use powerful explosives, human-killing bullets, anti-oil depot fire bullets, and other warheads; the type of rocket increased the range of ammunition can reach 42 ~ 50 km.

Caesar’s self-propelled howitzer weighs 17.7 tons each, length: 10 m, width 2.55 m, height: 3.7 m, and crew: 3 people.

The cannon can maneuver with a maximum speed of 100 km/h on the highway.

Range: one oil base can maneuver 600 km. This is considered one of the best wheeled self-propelled guns in the world today.

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