Eastern separatists attacked the Ukrainian Army with ‘rare goods’ missiles from the Soviet era

The “rare goods” missile from the Soviet Union type 9K52 Luna-M (FROG-7) still proved useful on the battlefield despite being extremely outdated.

This is surprising information because the Luna-M is a very “classic” tactical ballistic missile, it is old and has much fewer tactical features than the Tochka-U that the separatists have on the war payroll.

The results of the aforementioned bombardment are not clearly announced, nor is it clear how many of these missiles are still in the combat elements of the Eastern militia, but nonetheless, the “regeneration of this weapon” is not clear. export” is still considered a special event.

9K52 Luna-M (Moon, also known as FROG-7) is a short-range tactical ballistic missile system developed under the Soviet Union, officially entering service in 1965.

The composition of the Luna-M complex includes 9M21 unguided missile rounds mounted on 9P113 self-propelled launchers (TELs) converted from the ZIL-135LM 8×8 heavy truck chassis.

The cross-country nature of the 9P113 self-propelled launch vehicle is not high compared to today’s modern transport vehicles when it only reaches a maximum speed of 40 km/h on good roads.

The driving system of the 9P113 is also quite strange, 2 gasoline engines with a capacity of 180 horsepower, in which each engine is responsible for driving 4 left or right wheels.

Missile 9M21 (sometimes classified as a long-range rocket launcher because it has no control) weighs 2.5 – 2.8 tons (depending on the version); length is 9.1 m; diameter of 0.55 m; Mach 3 speed.

The range of the 9M21 missile is in the range of 15 – 70 km, the error is quite large up to 500 – 700 m, and carries a powerful explosive warhead weighing 550 kg (can be equipped with a chemical warhead or a nuclear warhead).

The TEL 9P113 has a hydraulic crane located on the right side, arranged between the 3rd and 4th wheels, responsible for lifting rockets from the 9T29 loader (also using the ZIL-135LM chassis) to the launcher vehicle.

The window frames are fitted with raised shields to protect the crew of four from the damaging effects of a jet stream when bullets are fired.

The Luna-M system comes in several main variants, including the 9M21B with a nuclear warhead, the 9M21G with a shortened warhead weighing 390 kg, and the Iraqi-built Laith-90 with an increased range of up to 90 km.

Luna-M’s most significant feat took place in 2003 when it attacked the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) Command Headquarters of the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division of the US Army under the command of Dai Minh. Colonel David Perkins.

The attack with a Luna-M missile (or variant Ababil-100) killed 3 soldiers, wounded 14, and destroyed and badly damaged 22 military vehicles (mainly Humvees).

Although very old, with low accuracy, thanks to its relatively high speed, and highly destructive warhead, this type of short-range ballistic missile should not be underestimated in modern warfare.

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