Ukraine wants to own a “dreadful” EW system after Iranian UAVs caused severe artillery damage.

Ukraine is expected to benefit from the EW Koral system, which was built in Turkey to help defeat Iranian UAVs on the battlefield.

According to Colonel Rodion Kulagin of the Ukrainian Army, Russia utilised Iranian UAVs of the Shahed-136 type (also known as Geran-2) to attack during the counteroffensive battle in Kharkiv on September 18. an M777 gun supplied by the US. M777 was torn in half by UAV. Such a UAV would make it simpler to find targets rather than having to fire 100 shells. Colonel Kulagin reported that many drone assaults destroyed lots of armoured vehicles and artillery belonging to the Ukrainian military, killing four servicemen and wounded 16.

Colonel Kulagin urged Western partners to swiftly deliver defensive systems or comparable weapons to Ukraine in response. Give us such tools, please. According to reports, the Kyiv government is currently seeking Turkey to give them Koral-type electronic warfare systems because the Army Syrian squad has actual combat experience using these systems against Iranian UAVs.

A conflict between the Shahed 136 UAV and the EW Koral complex is a very intriguing possibility, and it is quite likely that Ukraine’s proposal will be accepted due to Ankara’s consistent support for Kiev and the fact that Turkey likewise needs more genuine combat experience for its weapons.

According to reports, the Krasukha-4 ground electronic warfare system from Russia is identical to the EW Koral complex, developed and produced by Turkey’s Aselsan firm. Being superior by design, Koral is strong enough to suppress radar clusters, air defence missile control stations, etc. to ensure the safety of our aircraft while on missions. Since Koral was only recently accepted into the Turkish Army at the beginning of 2016, it is especially important to test all theoretical features in the field, particularly in a harsh environment like Ukraine.

The structure of the EW Koral system consists of a group of two electronic support radars (Radar Electronic Support) and an electronic attack radar (Radar Electronic Attack) mounted on a German MAN 8×8 customised truck chassis to improve mobility. In which a pair of sizable antenna towers capable of collapsing while in motion are part of the Koral complex’s electronic support radar system.

Its main responsibilities include radio reconnaissance, gathering intelligence data, and identifying and alerting of battlefield risks. This modular radar system cluster can operate on a variety of frequencies and has a maximum range of 150 km. The primary function of the second radar system on Koral is to jam and electronically inhibit enemy military hardware. It can also automatically identify and eliminate dangers from a distance.

This modularly constructed radar array at Koral is furnished with digital transceivers that have a range of more than 100 kilometres and can operate on a variety of frequency bands. The chassis of the electronic support radar vehicle is home to the central control complex and monitoring system that operate the whole Koral electronic warfare system.

Training should be conducted now because it will take Ukrainian soldiers many months to get acclimated to the EW Koral system if Turkey decides to supply it.

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