unveiling the Ukrainian navy’s most lethal warship.

The RMK Marine shipyard in Turkey is currently constructing the Ada-class submarine hunting corvette for Ukraine; delivery is scheduled for 2023.

Turkey is constructing a corvette for hunting submarines of the Ada class for Ukraine.

Four submarine-hunting corvettes of the Ada class are currently in service with the Turkish Navy. Two Ada-class warships are being purchased by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense for roughly $256 million in 2020.

According to the idea, a new ship will be constructed by Turkey’s RMK Marine shipyard, and the Ukrainian side will self-install the equipment on board.

The most recent image of a new warship being constructed by Turkey for the Ukrainian navy was published on news websites on September 19.

The picture demonstrates that the ship Hetman Ivan Mazepa, with the registration number F211, is nearly finished and is about to be launched by the RMK Marine shipyard.

The Ada-class Hetman Ivan Mazepa will be the Ukrainian navy’s most potent warship once it is delivered. The frigate Hetman Sahaidachny, the Ukrainian navy’s flagship, has already been sunk in the conflict’s early phases.

The submarine hunting corvette Hetman Ivan Mazepa has unmatched firepower compared to the flagship Hetman Sahaidachny.

A 76mm main cannon, 8 Harpoon anti-ship missile launchers, 1 RAM Block I air defence missile system, and 2 twin 324mm torpedo launchers are all included in the ship’s arsenal. The ship is armed with S-70B Seahawk anti-submarine helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, making it specifically built for hunting submarines (UAV).

Depending on the needs of the battle, the Ukrainian Navy can even deploy its own weapon systems aboard.

A 31,000 horsepower gas turbine engine and two 5,790 horsepower diesel engines are both installed on the ship. The ship’s capacity to run two diesel engines independently to save fuel or run a combination of diesel and gas turbine engines to produce the most power is its distinguishing characteristic.

The Ada-class anti-submarine corvette is anticipated to strengthen the Ukrainian navy greatly and challenge the Russian military’s hegemony in the Black Sea.

Four Buyan-M small missile corvettes, the most prominent of which is each outfitted with eight vertical launch tubes that can launch Kalibr cruise missiles or anti-aircraft missiles, are now owned by Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

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