North Korea denies sending weapons to Russia.

The North Korean official reiterated that the country had never sent weapons to Russia and had no such plans, and he demanded that the United States “stop circulating false news information.”

“The hostile powers, notably the United States, just announced the North Korean-Russian armaments transaction. I want to be clear about one thing: North Korea has never exported weapons and ammunition to Russia, and there are no plans to do so in the future “On September 21, the North’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) quoted the deputy director of the Ministry of National Defense’s Equipment Department as saying, without naming the official.

The official stated that all sovereign countries have the legal right to conduct research, manufacture, and possess military weapons, as well as import and sell weapons to other countries.

“I have no idea where they came up with this absurd claim about arms sales, but the fundamental objective remains to harm North Korea’s reputation. We vehemently reject the actions of propagating false information about North Korea in order to achieve their objectives. bad political objectives The US should refrain from saying anything and quit promoting such absurd rumours, “Added the North Korean official.

US government representatives are silent on the report.

Earlier this month, Vedant Patel, a deputy spokesperson for the State Department, claimed that Russia was in the midst of purchasing millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea. According to an unnamed US official reported by the AP news agency, this demonstrated that, in part because of Western sanctions, the Russian military “continues to be chronically short of supplies” for the military action in Ukraine.

In addition to the previously mentioned details, US intelligence reportedly reported that Moscow may buy further military hardware from Pyongyang in the future.

Later, Russian officials denied that their nation was looking to purchase weapons from North Korea. Vassily Nebenzia, the Russian ambassador to the UN, demanded proof of the US’s claims that it had purchased weapons from North Korea for use in Ukraine or that it had admitted to spreading false information.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the US National Security Council, stated on September 6 that there was no indication that Russia was shipping or purchasing North Korean artillery and missiles for Ukraine. It’s difficult to say how this truly occurred because we haven’t seen any signs that a sale has been done, according to Kirby.

In addition to accusing the United States of being the root of the Ukrainian problem and blaming the West’s “hegemonic” policies, Pyongyang, where North Korea still maintains close connections with Russia, said that Russia’s need to undertake a military operation to defend itself was due to the West.

The two separatist areas of Donetsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine received recognition for their independence from other nations in July, joining Russia and Syria. The envoys from Donetsk and Lugansk met with the North Korean ambassador in Moscow recently, and both delegations indicated enthusiasm for working together on issues relating to migrant workers. Two separatist-controlled regions in eastern Ukraine could get labourers from North Korea for rehabilitation, it claimed.

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