The Russian military is ready to get “awful goods,” while Ukraine claims to have lost “a trillion dollars.”

The Russian Air Force is slated to acquire improved Su-57 fighters by the end of the year, while Ukraine alleges that the conflict with Russia has cost it $1 trillion.
Russia’s Rostec defense technology corporation has announced that the nation will enhance Su-57 manufacturing, a cutting-edge fifth-generation fighter. According to Sergey Chemezov, the head of Rostec, the Russian Air Force should get these fighters by the end of this year.

Chemezov predicted that when the factory in Russia’s the Far East expands and modernizes to accommodate growing production demands, the rate at which the Su-57 is produced will rise.

A new assembly line and other facilities have reportedly been installed in the factory, according to Rostec.
The stealth design of the Su-57 makes it possible to evade enemy radars and is also capable of striking air and ground targets, including air defense sites.

The news about the Su-57 was announced after Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a guide to equipping the army with additional weapons. Earlier, on September 20, the Kremlin boss asked to ensure a continuous work cycle at military factories and research equipment confiscated on the battlefield in Ukraine, including weapons issued by the Organization of the United Nations. North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) was provided to Kyiv.

In another development, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s economic adviser, Oleg Ustenko, said on September 22 that the country had “lost about $1 trillion” since Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine. Ukraine February 24 This is equivalent to five times the annual gross domestic product (GDP) of Ukraine before the conflict. Damages include “direct and indirect costs”.

The figure was given by Mr. Ustenko at an event organized by the German Council for Foreign Affairs in Berlin. In the first two weeks of the conflict alone, Ustenko estimated that Ukraine lost about $100 billion. In addition, many businesses that have not been destroyed in Ukraine “cannot operate at full capacity or are only open for a few hours a day”. That means the budget revenue is in deficit than expected.

Ustenko added that despite the drastic cuts in government spending, Kyiv still has a deficit of $4.9 billion a month since February 24.

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