Russia mass-produced Su-57 stealth fighters to launch into the Ukraine battlefield?

Su-57 stealth fighter will be accelerated production, according to comments, this is directly related to the military situation in Ukraine.

A new batch of Su-57 stealth fighters will be sent to the Russian Aerospace Forces in the near future, why is the fifth generation fighter especially necessary at this time?

The Gagarin Aviation Plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (KnAAZ – part of the United Aircraft Corporation UAC) is focusing on assembling new Su-57s. State-owned technology corporation Rostec said the production process would be accelerated.

“We plan to increase production of the fifth generation fighter at KnAAZ through the introduction of modern manufacturing methods, the construction of new facilities, and the procurement of additional necessary equipment.”

“In the future, the unit will assemble a new Su-57 fighter frame at the test station, and start the third stage of production. In addition, restructuring of processing and heat treatment capabilities will be carried out. implemented”, emphasized the representative of Rostec.

Honored Russian military pilot Yury Sytnik in a conversation with PolitExpert (PE) said that over the past five years, they have succeeded in getting rid of the “childhood disease”. Now the Su-57 can enter mass production.

“Both test pilots and fighter pilots who have flown these aircraft consider it as good as the latest US F-35s and other European fighters. Therefore, it needs to be mass-produced,” emphasized the PE interlocutor.

To speed up production in the future, it would be ideal to open 2 to 5 production plants focused on the assembly of the Su-57. Mr. Sytnik commented that this will allow the Su-57 to be equipped for the army as quickly as possible.

“Some fighters have been around for a long time, that is Su-27, Su-30, Su-34, they are gradually running out of service reserves because they operate intensively as part of a military campaign. special, so they need to be changed.”

“The Su-57 fighter is a multi-role, this is what the ‘doctor’ of the Russian Aerospace Forces ordered. This fighter needs to be built quickly and sent to the regiments, not 15-20 vehicles, but 30 or 100-150 vehicles.”

“I really want this to happen, but there are specific problems related to objective factors. We need high-quality metals, engines, advanced avionics,” said the opponent. PE’s voice added.

The Russian economy is on the right track, Mr. Sytnik stressed: “Due to the closure, the money is not going anywhere and there is no need to buy more spare parts from abroad, so the factories belong to the industrial-military complex. is starting to become more active”.

“These are new jobs and the economy improves as a result. To assemble a modern fighter like the Su-57, you need to mine metal and craft. The radio-electronic industry is also involved, and the aircraft must also be armed.”

“Thanks to that, the economy will go up, so I welcome such developments. However, it is not necessary for the public to know how many Su-57s will be built and for how long,” the official said. military experts believe.

The fifth-generation fighter Su-57 Felon has stealth capabilities thanks to the weapon compartment inside the fuselage. The Su-57’s top speed is Mach 2.35, it can maneuver with large payloads and is integrated with advanced electronics.

Russia’s promotion of the production of Su-57 fighters is estimated to first serve the Ukrainian battlefield, especially when President Putin recently ordered to mobilize a part of the army.

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