Israel provides Ukraine with armaments to combat the Shahed-136 suicide drone

Russia’s Geran-2 suicide drone (Shahed-136) is going to face a challenge from Israel, which has agreed to supply Ukraine with anti-drone weapons.

Prior to the damage caused by the Russian Geran-2 suicide drone to the artillery force, Ukraine requested that Israel give them with fighting equipment, which has since been granted. The Israeli government has chosen to supply “anti-UAV weapons” to Ukraine, allowing the Ukrainian army to combat against Russian suicide drones.

We are talking about the Geran-2 unmanned aerial vehicle which is actually the Iranian Shahed 136, which just last week caused the Ukrainian Armed Forces to suffer relatively serious losses. Officially, the supply of such combat vehicles to Ukraine is prohibited, but the Tel Aviv government has decided not to interfere in the face of an agreement between the Ukrainian Army and an Israeli company engaged in the development and production of the system.

Officially, this special weapons supply agreement was signed between Israel and Poland as a move to circumvent the regulations, from which combat systems will be sent to Ukraine. Given the similarities between Russia’s Geran-2 suicide drone and Iran’s Shahed-136, Ukraine makes good sense to place its trust in Israeli-made weapons.

The Kyiv government has clearly considered that if Israeli anti-UAV weapons are effective against Iranian drones, the system will also be successful in disabling Russian-made suicide drones. The US publication Military Watch clarifies: “Information has appeared in the press regarding an Israeli company trying to break its stance of staying away in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.””However, the manufacturer still has a move to ‘evade the law’ by sending anti-UAV systems to the Kyiv government but using Poland as an intermediary, thereby making Tel Aviv not awkward before Moscow.”

This information was first posted on Hebrew websites including Zman Yisrael and Times of Israel, which said that an unnamed defense company was planning to supply an anti-UAV system to an organization. in Poland, but in fact Ukraine is the receiver”. “Although such a combat system is classified as ‘advanced defense technology’ and is prohibited by Israel from selling to Ukraine, neither the Israeli Government nor the Ministry of Defense appear to intend to cancel the supply of the system. this anti-UAV defense system”. “The aforementioned complexes can eventually be used against drones operated by the Russian Army, including not only Geran-2,” the MW publication emphasized.

The American newspaper notes that such “weapons” are already present in Ukraine, and more likely an Israeli company is involved in providing anti-drone vehicles to Kyiv. At the same time, at this time, the specific name of the anti-drone vehicle of Israeli origin in the combat component of the Ukrainian Army has not been clarified

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